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Hi all, new Ducati rider in brisbane

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by kezza29, Jul 5, 2013.

  1. Hey guys,

    Just thought I'd introduce myself. I'm 24, I work as a structural drafter & study engineering part time. I recently got into riding after spending far too much money on my previous cars [Subaru RS Liberty & 2005 WRX STi]. Thrill factor is definately there, even more so with a bike though!

    After selling my STi in March, I ended up buying a 2012 Ninja 250 in black, mint condition with 1500kms on it. Everything was tight, couldn't fault it (except for ergonomics). I have travelled about 4000kms in the past couple of months and decided to upgrade/trade in for a Ducati Monster 659.

    Beautiful bike but definately a bit different to adjust to handling wise, the extra power is amazing and it feels so well grounded on the highway with the additional weight.

    I also went and did an advanced riding course a little while ago, this has changed my riding style fundamentally (namely bad habits I picked up from teaching myself).

  2. G'day, nice bike the little Monster.
  3. Welcome to NR.

    Nice bike there. :)
  4. Thanks guys. Yep she's a good one!
  5. Hi Kezz, I just bought one a month ago from Brissie too. I got mine from Brisbane motorcycles with the corse kit. I have to wait till I'm off my restriction before I put a Termi kit on it sounds like the earth is opening up. The riding position is very different but adjustable with new bars or risers. I found that the factory mirrors are downright sh1tty and that was the first thing I changed. I love mine sometimes I go into the garage just to look at it, it is a beautiful bike.
  6. Hey Digbot, I agree. They are a beautiful sculpted machine. What type of mirrors did you opt for? I was looking for a nice set of bar ends but I'm a little scared of clipping a car when I filter peak hour traffic. The seating position is really comfortable, never feel strained/sore even after a few hours of riding.
    Random question, between 4000 - 5500 RPM do you ever feel the power plateau? When in any gear, (usually 1/2 or 3) anywhere between this zone it stutters, so I roll off the throttle and then back on again and keep going. It's more of a problem when cornering at in that rev range.

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    So where is Brissys best coffee? Lol

    Seriously, welcome and enjoy that new ride!
    Its easy to spend lots of mod money on bikes too, but probably don't need to spend anywhere near as much as you could on a subbie to satisfy the mod bug!
  8. No idea mate, I tend to smash energy drinks haha

    Thanks, I will indeed. Comparing the bike to that STi, I feel like a very rich man now. $18 to fill up per week if required, as opposed to close to $80. Mods on a bike are in the 10s/100s, not the 1000s which I am pretty happy with. All my riding gear cost (Shoei & Alpine stars) over a grand but that's about as much as a good set of tyres on the car.

    Trying to keep the Duke stock for as long as possible. I really love the 675, I think I saw your one up on bikesales. Very tidy example :)
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    Oh don't worry. You can spend thousands on a bike too mate, but I know what you mean. Cars are dearer to mod in general.
    I have an xr6 turbo that I am resisting the urge to tinker with after owning one previously that I did mod. Possibly the best bang for buck car to mod but so far I've managed to not do it......yet! LOL
  10. Yeah it is definately hard, all it takes it getting flogged at a set of lights by someone else.. then the modding begins! A nice exhaust and tune would do wonders for that ute ;) Would bring on boost sooner and add a bit of top end power aswell - win win
  11. Yeah I know. As I said, resisting the urge.
    Trouble is, its not just a tune. If I get it tuned, I also need a clutch upgrade, injectors, wastegate mod, fuel pump, on and on it goes!LOL

    My Daytona now resides with a young fella in Westend, so you may even come across it!
  12. So Kezza,

    Why the 659? Still on your Ls?. I've started dreaming of the next bike and can't decide between the 659 & the 696. I can't help thinking if I got the 659 I'd always regret missing that little bit more.
  13. Yeah on my RE licence/ Open drivers. I was getting a little bored with the ninja, I ride everyday and do mountain runs quite often so I felt grounded in my skill level. Life is short, so I just traded my bike in and paid the difference.

    I think just the over all appeal of the ducati did it for me, once I had a test ride I was hooked. The braking power, acceleration and handling are the main reasons. I felt a bit 'flimsy' riding the ninja at anything over 100kph, especially on the highway. The 659 still has the capacity there for my power, it just has a throttle restrictor in place to limit it. I'm not sure on the power levels but I think the 659 has 38kw (restricted) and the 696 has close to 60kw. I was curious how much an unrestricted 659 would have?

    My suggestion is, just jump on one and have a ride. You can always upgrade to a 696 or 796. If your worried about a poor investment, it is just money after all, it comes and goes ;)