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Hi all kinda new just been browsing

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' at netrider.net.au started by DJA, Sep 9, 2009.

  1. Hi everyone looks like an interesting site been looking around since I joined, just got my licence back new bike in a couple months looking at a GSX or GSF1200n or ZRX1200R been riding since I was a kid had my licence for 10 years now. Also I found something some people may find interesting I'm sure I saw a mention of it around here so I'll paste it, it's from another forum

    ANDRA has recently launched an investigation into helmets currently available in the Australian market through a generic brand supermarket chain. The helmet contains potentially misleading information with the attached label / decal indicating that the helmets compliance with the Australian Standard is monitored by another overseas company.

    The information contained in the packaging that comes with the helmet indicates that the helmet has been tested in accordance with the Australian Standard 1698. After consultation with SAI Global, Standards Australia’s testing and marketing division, this has been rejected as true and correct and ANDRA has been informed that the only accepted Australian Standard Certified products are covered by the ‘5 ticks’ label / decal. The following statements have been made by SAI Global representatives;

    “Please note this helmet has not been certified by SAI Global. Products certified by SAI Global undergo a rigorous certification process. This means that the consumer can be confident that when they purchase an item with the ‘5 ticks Standards Mark’ it fully complies with the Standard and the factory is constantly monitored for quality and the consistency of the product they produce. In the case of crash helmets, if the product fails there is a high likelihood of death or serious injury, therefore if an individual purchases inferior product, clearly they have made the choice of putting a financial gain (the savings) ahead of their life.â€

    The ‘5 ticks’ Standards Mark which is the only acceptable Standards Australia label / decal, is silver with a red edge with the ‘5 ticks’, current standard and bar code

    Of course I'm not sure if this means anything seeing as it comes from a private company
  2. Welcome to Netriders mate, enjoy the challenge of trying to keep your licence while riding a motorbike :LOL:

    I like most, have a few points left :roll:

    And the helmet thing, there's always something going on thats shifty.

    Cheers Bru
  3. Welcome, in

    Hey, that's my initials too.....

  4. lol your name's Doug???
    Or does it say my name somewhere
  5. Welcome

    ANDRA would have to have high standards for helmets, considering the massive speeds involved. But I'd be very, VERY surprised if any competitor would even THINK of using a helmet sourced from a generic brand supermarket chain, so it sounds like a storm in a teacup to me.
  6. You would think that most people would value there safety a little more but where I found that bit they also mentioned that they knocked back quite a large number of competitors...