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Hi All ! I'm new and I've got a couple of questions too.

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by BuffaloBill, Jun 20, 2011.

  1. Hi All ! I'm new, and I am a rider starting out, and I've got a couple of questions too.

    First off, this is an amazing forum, I've spent a few days going through it.

    I'm trying to learn as much about bikes and riding safely as I can, and this has been a great resource, I've just been pouring over various posts the past few days, and it's all incredibly informative,
    so thank you to the guys n' gals or whoever set this place up,
    been a big help to a daggie new-fish like myself.

    Anyway, I hope this is not the wrong forum to post this thread in, I noticed the sticky requesting people to post things in the right forum, but I thought these simple questions might pass as general discussion.
    Sorry if these sorts of things have been answered a lot of times before, I'm not great at navigating forums, and honestly I'm getting a bit tired of looking at a screen, my eyes are hurting and feeling like they are about to fall out of my head with all the research I've been trying to do on bikes [I knew exactly less than jack-s**t a week ago].

    Anyway, for my first bike, I basically want a nice big-ish slow cruiser.
    The models I am looking at are the Honda Rebel, Yamaha Virago, and Kawasaki Eliminator [seems a bit pricier, but if I'm careful enough with it, it should be okay].

    Basically, I'm just looking for advice on where would be a good place or person or forum to buy these things.
    My price range is between around / starting at $2000 - up to about $3300.

    After reading other forums here, I definitely want it with RWC and Rego and any Service and Maintenance records and receipts if-and-where applicable.
    I don't care if it only has a month or even less of rego left on it, just so long as it has been recently regoed and used, that's good.

    I also bought this really amazing book called "Proficient Motorcycling" by David Hough that I would recommend to anybody else starting out. I've only read the first 30 or so pages but it is so damn informative. I think it's imparted some potentially life-saving advice already.

    Anyway, if this is in the wrong section / forum, please let me know before deleting it and I will copy-and-paste it to the appropriate place and delete it myself.
    My net-iquette may need some working on here to be a good member.

    Cheers again for the great site and all contributing members sharing their knowledge. :)
  2. Probably would be best in Bike Reviews, questions & suggestions section..
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  3. yee-hah, welcome to Netrider :)
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  4. Cheers Hornet! [Is it Paul? Not sure what you prefer.]

    I'll be saving my Yee-ha's and Ya-hoos until I'm not so s**t-scared of the road !! Haha,
    But I think if you mean being new to the forums, I definitely have a few Yee-has for this place !

    Cheers Pilgrim for moving it to the appropriate section.

    Actually, I can't find my post under the section you mentioned ?
    Has it maybe been lost in transit ?
    If so , should I just repost my initial post there? [I don't want to double post it if it has in fact been moved, though]

    Is there perhaps a post or sticky thread of guide-lines somewhere regarding what sorts of discussions and questions classifies as going under the proper sections? Seems a bit blurry in some cases. [Or maybe I'm just the one who is blurry, it's very possible!]

    thanks !
  5. PS. I'd also like to post a brief list of my "wants" ie. motorcycles I'm interested in that I have listed above in the wanted section, but it won't let me. When I try, it gives me this message :

    "BuffaloBill, you do not have permission to access this page. This could be due to one of several reasons:

    "Your user account may not have sufficient privileges to access this page. Are you trying to edit someone else's post, access administrative features or some other privileged system?
    If you are trying to post, the administrator may have disabled your account, or it may be awaiting activation."

    Just wondering if there is a fix for that?
  6. Welcome mate. Good to see you're keen to learn! It's a life long process!
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  7. Welcome and the Virago is tops
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  8. the eliminator is the biggest of the three, designed to look like a grown ups bike.
    rebels are tiny. viragos somewhere between the two. target market demographic is short women for the 2fiddy versions. though homos also seem to fancy them.
    should look at 6fiddys
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  9. Thanks 99CIBBER , AznCruiser , and MT1 [haha, you gave me a chuckle].

    99CIBBER : Yeah, I'm beginning to see there is a s**t - Ton more to it than I originally thought. Interesting stuff ! I've been pretty motor-illiterate in the past, not sure why I'm psyched to learn more about it now....maybe because bikes just seem like something I might be able to understand.....cars are just a mess of parts.

    AznCruiser : Yeah, I really like the look of the Virago. All of them, though, look nice in the pictures. Nice simple designs.

    MT1 : Yeah, I do like the look of the Eliminator most, it's probably my preference, it just tends to be a bit pricier, but I might go for it.
    Unfortunately , I cannot ride 650's at all because I am on my L's , and just starting out [unless they have a terribly s**t power-to-weight ratio, and then what's the point?].
    Not sure I would trust myself with a "crotch rocket" at present anyway.

    I'm not TOO concerned about picking a small bike or what might be considered a girl's bike or a "homo" bike at present , haha, just so long as it's not painted pink and doesn't have custom flowers painted on it, it should be sweet.
    But it's good to know what some Harley riders might bash me for, so I'll keep that noted.

    I'm not a big guy , 176cm.
    Just want something to learn on for a few months, and something sloow and light-ish and smallish and low might be the way to go to learn with before I go riding for real, and who knows, I may end up f***ing up my first bike anyway. It seems highly possible !

    I'll save my pennies until I've got the big-bread for when I've got a bit more experience and move onto a nicer bike.

    Cheers all !
  10. Welcome to netrider, yes you must read the stickies as they do contain a lot of answers to some of your questions.
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  11. I have a virago 250. Good bike to learn and handle. No issue in city commuting. I'm 5'6"" and 75kg. I don't think i'm a homo and I'm definitely not girlie ... Haha ! Try them all before deciding.
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  12. Cheers everybody !! [more specific replies below]


    Good Sydney Bike Dealerships for Cruisers in particular is the main thing on my agenda this very moment....
    I'm getting sick of slugging through private classifieds at the end of this day
    [too many days doing this now, eyes are hurting !!],
    I think I want a sure-thing at this point.
    So any recommendations of good bike dealerships in Sydney specifically for cruisers decent for a learner would be great !!

    Ah! Sorry, you are absolutely right , the answer was right there in front of me! *Sheepish embarrassed face*

    I've been reading so many webpages lately, I think my brain is copping out from doing the necessaries.



    Cheers !
    I did have a very brief look at that a couple of weeks ago, but obviously I didn't pay very close attention !
    There sure is a lot more 650s and others on there than I remember, and clearly I had even forgotten that 650's were allowed at all.

    This really expands my options, so this was very useful information right now !

    I'll have to give that a thorough read tomorrow before going on another research misshun.

    Yeah, I got a chuckle out of the MT1's post, and it is good to know various opinions, but I was a little surprised.
    I thought the Virago seemed like a faaairly respectable sensible first bike [as far as I can tell with my very minimal knowledge].
    I'm not looking to axe myself on my first bike, and if I make a mess of the bike and not myself, I don't want something I'll give TOO much of a f**k about dropping or scratching etc.
    Then again, maybe I'm just a fruit-cake who likes suspicious-bikes and I don't even know it yet :eek:hno::eek:hno::eek:hno::eek:hno::eek:hno:
  13. Hm..... I may well take a sort-of middle path between MT1's advice / critique and Ricky Rock's reassurance, and get a 400-something.....
    I really like these cafe racer bikes too [not that I can afford one right now, but as an ideal of something to have / modify a bike into something resembling a cafe-racer some time].
    I also really like what this guy is doing with this really modest bike.
    It looks like a tough project, and he's really going at it with his knackers out !


    Don't know if I've quite got the time or the inclination at present to go at anything like he is , but I'd love to learn how to do a bit of customization at some point. This guy is gung-ho !
  14. Hi All.
    Link Here

    Sorry I took so long to post back, I've been doing lots of riding every chance I get [the excitement has still not left me and hopefully never will] and there has been other chaos including constant internet problems at home, so I was not able to follow up nearly as soon as I would have liked.
    Thanks so much to you all for your advice.​
  15. just as i kinda glanced thru other post's and dont think anyone covered it...you won't be able to post in the classifieds (which the wanted section falls into) section until you become a netrider member ($10 one off fee) ...which i'm still waiting to be activated =/
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  16. welcome to NR, the best place for a rider in the world..

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  17. Hi 87Crisis ;
    Thanks for that!!
    I had that pointed out to me somewhere along the line. I have to read the stickies first when something unexpected happens with these forums!! Cheers for your help :)

    Thanks! I've had a great time learning from each and every member here so far. It is a great community! Based around a SuperFun subject. I've got years of reading to catch up on!
  18. Grats on the purchase BB! She looks beautiful! I especially like the profile of the tank. I'd love one of those as a second bike.. Schweet!
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  19. @99CIBBER
    Cheers man! Yeah, I'm loving her! Small engine, but she still gets away from me. So far, and with limited knowledge and not having ridden many bikes to compare to, I would recommend this bike to anyone, for sure. It's a dead easy and super-comfortable ride, far as I can tell.