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hi all im dave vics shaddow

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by yellow terra, Dec 30, 2006.

  1. just want to say ive been a member for a year and just starting to get to meet some of you all and all cool people
    so if you see vic arround yep you will see me
    cheers yellow terra :grin:

  2. Welcome, please enjoy.....
  3. Yiasou Dave
  4. g'day mate :grin:
  5. Hi Dave :grin:
  6. Aah - same bike as Vic's... and you were BBQ man at the Chrissy BBQ?

    Hi and welcome :)
  7. hi yeah bbq man
  8. Hi Dave Vics Shadow, I would wish you fun but sounds like you're already doing that. Welcome :grin:
  9. hey dude :)
  10. Welcome Dave, we need to get that Vic man into gear to plan the trip, I have laptop ready to do all the routes.
  11. Welcome Dave.. So Vics shadow hey, how much is he paying you.. :LOL:
  12. Welcome!!!!! So I don’t have double vision after all...and there really are 2 yellow storms!!!! :shock:
  13. Last friday night at coffee.. and the last Thursday night mystery meet seen em'. Almost identical!!! :)

    Hi Dave!