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Hi all! I want a scooter but which one?

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' at netrider.net.au started by DrDaCount, Jun 3, 2015.

  1. Hi everyone! Thanks for having me in your community!

    A bit about me : I've had my full licence for about 6 years now, but I've only really started riding again recently after having lost my confidence from being distracted with other stuff like exams, (abortive) relationships, and finally low siding inexplicably (at the time) on a 250. In the meantime my best mate wrote off my XJ6N, miraculously surviving with nothing but a sprained thumb, but understandably shaking both our confidence.

    After studying Twist of the Wrist and feeling like I'd figured out what went wrong when I went down (engine braking on a tight corner), and my friend buying a CBR1000, I got the confidence to get back into it. Ended up buying a BMW S1000R that serendipitously appeared at a good price and proved to be so easy to ride that it was inspiring (I actually had planned to get a Street Triple and another mate insisted I try out the beamer).

    The beamer is incredible. Love it. Easy to ride and lots of safety features. But not that fuel economical and hard to do quick trips without having to fully gear up because of its power and engine heat.

    My CBF250 is just too underpowered for me now for those commutes and quick trips. I'm only keeping it to teach others going into L's (and nostalgia - several of my friends got their licence through that bike).

    After looking at other new LAMS 300cc bikes, stumbled across the idea of a 300+ cc scoot. Tried some out and now I want one! Can't decide between the Honda Forza 300 or the Vespa GTS 300 super sport.

    Leaning towards the Vespa because it's light and so fun to ride, easy to filter, park, and control on an incline. But I've been put off by reports of poor reliability, expensive parts, and particularly so many negative reviews of the few authorised repairers in Sydney (allegedly dodgy practices, poor customer service, rudeness).

    Is any of that founded? The Honda was great but heavier and naturally lower power to weight ratio. Would really appreciate any advice.

    Thanks for listening! :]
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  2. Howdy and welcome to NR DrDaCountDrDaCount . I see you like coffee! :D

    Can't offer any advice on scooters other than keep the shiny side up.
  3. Is the scooter as well as the BMW or instead of.
  4. I had a Forza many moons ago. Great scoot. Easy and cheap to run. Reliable as anything. Never tried the Vespa, but have heard good things about them - but they appear (to me) to be expensive to repair/service.
  5. You seem to like power so clearly the only option is a supercharged tmax.
  6. I know what you feel - I had to convene an extended family meeting before I sold my GZ250, since so many of us went through our L's and did our P's on it.

    Re your scooter dilemma, sure the Vespa's more fun but do you really need it to be? You've got an S1000R in the shed, so I would've thought the commuter would be all about honest reliability.

    On the other hand, you probably do more hours and km's on the scoot so you may as well make it fun. It occurs to me that I'm not being very helpful so I'll stop now.
  7. Welcome to NR. I don't know anything about scooters but this one looks like fun ;)

    Moped Stunt Rider.
  8. Thank you all for replying! Yeah this would be a second bike to the BMW. The BMW being the longer weekend rides and the twisties (with my heart in my throat! ) and the scoot for commuting and quick trips to the gym/shops /cafe.

    I've always been a practical guy so the Honda was where I was swaying but then I thought the tourer aspect seems a bit redundant given I have no intention of getting rid of the BMW and could use that with some luggage if necessary.

    The lightness of the Vespa makes it easy for those quick jump on and off trips, and parking is easy even if it's awkward like on a hill (whereas I struggle with the weight of the s1000r, hence the Honda wouldn't be too different being only 10 kg lighter).

    The main worry I had with the Vespa was long term expense and repair woes.

    Another friend has an Alfa Romeo Brera - it's a beautiful Italian car, full of style, but I'm always struck by the number of times he has to take it in for service! I was thinking the Vespa might be the same deal.

    The Vespa has good resale value though.
  9. http://www.piaggiousa.com/scooter/bv-350.html

    I was looking at this so that I could take practical considerations out of my upgrade decisions (because I've yet to find a bike better than my 250 for the riding I currently do). I've not spent much time in Australia this year so have only been doing internet reviews. When I have been in Aus I've been jet lagged so the vtr250 has been fine.

    It seems this is a city scoot with a "big" motor...but you might also be getting the reliability of the vespa and the resale of the honda ;)
  10. I did think about the tmax...that Iron Max... Wow^_^ But it's wide, heavy, and expensive... But what a scooter! Maybe one day...
  11. DrDaCountDrDaCount I ride an Aprilia SR Max 300 - awesome scoot - very responsive and quick off the mark - very very fuel efficient - 400kms on a tank - 161kg - I don't find it difficult to manoeuvre - seat height is 815mm - i am just over 5' 7" and I can touch the ground fine. All in all a great scooter - couldn't be happier. Feel free to ask any questions about it if you are interested. :happy:
  12. In that case why not look at some of the smaller road/trail bikes.
  13. G'day and welcome, DrDaCount. Anything Honda is unlikely to disappoint while Vespa wins style points...
  14. Thank you all for your input! 3Arena, that guy certain does look comfortable on that scooter but at the moment I still feel comfortable with my hands on the bars and both wheels down....though I have been practising :angelic:

    Bottle named ie, The BV 350 was the scooter I wanted originally but it was too tall for me when I tested it. But it's one I might be able to get used to so maybe I shouldn't discount it yet. (PS the VTR250 is to me still one of the best 250s out there- had I the money at the time I would have gotten that over the CBF250).

    Peony, the SR max looks awesome but I think I discounted it initially because it looked wider and harder to filter, and underseat storage wasn't great. Having said that, I haven't actually tried it, and the storage issue might be remedied by luggage options. so your positive rider feedback was helpful in keeping it consideration. Will look into it more. How is the storage in your opinion?
  15. I suppose it depends on what you want to carry. I managed to fit quite a bit of stuff in there when we went camping - I will take a photo tomorrow with some items in it so you can get a better idea. I haven't had any problems filtering to date. Am actually thinking of upgrading to the 850 in the next 6 months.
  16. Scratch the underseat comment. This might have been one of the things I liked when I saw this bike. It was the horsepower that turned me off being similar to my CBF250. but with a weight of 161kg, that might not be such a problem... The torque seems ok on paper. Guess maybe I should try it out:]
  17. It is pretty zippy - gotten up to 140 on the M7 in a brisk side wind ;-)
  18. I am of the believer that the money you spend on your scooter can be better utilised to buy some luggage racks for the bmw and make that as your main mode of transport. It's a nice reliable bike and can be used for quick trips as well without too much hassle.
    I only have one bike and do both weekend rides and quick commutes. Servicing is a little more frequent but at least I am always riding the bike which I like.
    I would do the same if I had a nice sports car. I would rather sit in traffic in a Porsche than a crappy hatch back.
  19. I've been looking at some higher cc scooters lately and I am partial to the Kymco 300i Downtown.

    Kymco make the engines for the BMW scooters so are very reliable.

    Only thing you'd need to do is check its the right fit. I'm a bit too tall for it unfortunately.