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Hi all from western sydney

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by gav1802, Jul 1, 2008.

  1. Just joined people thought id say hi.
    Have been looking through the forum for a couple of weeks now thought i might as well join.
    Doin my ls tommorrow and wednesday down at the reggatta centre so hopefully me and my recently purchased zzr250 will be joining you guys on a few rides

  2. welcome and good luck =]
  3. Welcome Aboard Gavin !
    Good luck on your "L"s
  4. Welcome and good luck with your L's.
  5. Good luck. If you're doing one of the full day courses they're excellent and you should ace it (make sure you read the book). Let us know how you went hey.
  6. Welcome gav1802 from another glenmore prk er, oh and good luck mate

  7. Thanks everyone
    Went for the first day of the L's course today
    fairly basic but good for the novice so back there tommorow
    than off to the rta will be riding by tommorow night :grin:
  8. Welcome Gav and good luck, i too live out west here in St. Clair and also in my L's :) Hope to see you around and in some rides, Be safe and take care. Tom
  9. im now legal passed my ls today so now on the road :grin:
  10. Good on ya, might see you around the roads have fun and take care :cool:
  11. ah! so many people from western sydney now =] should be good to see you guys riding around.

    What colour is your ZZR?
  12. We should organise a mini learner run for us westies and maybe head up the mountains or something. Im from around the penrith area. Anyone?
  13. Welcome aboard friend, good luck with the course.
  14. Yup, im up for a learner ride but i'll clock up a few K's first (wont take long!)
  15. sounds good im ready whenever for a ride lol
  16. Congrats on the Ls.
  17. thanks dude
  18. Any suggestions on where to go for a ride? What about next weekend?
  19. If you guys ever decide to go for a ride i'm down :)
  20. might aswell join the ride to the entrance next week