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Hi All from the Blue Mountains

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' at netrider.net.au started by Matrix, Jun 6, 2007.

  1. Just thought I would drop in and say G'day. I'm Matt and I am in love with my recently purchased CBR1000RR I have been riding bush for most of my life until my XR650 was stolen not long ago. I decided to get a road bike to make my trip in and out of work more enjoyable.

    I have only been in NSW for a short time having moved here from VIC so anyone in the area who wants to go riding drop me a line.

  2. The blue mountains. lots of fun a bike. welcome
  3. Hi Matt

    Welcome to forum

    Very nice bike you have there

    Out of interest, how many KM do u do to drive to work, I was wondering what a CBR1000RR is like for daily commuting
  4. Hey Shakows

    I ride 80kms each way to and from work travelling from the mountains to Sydney. The worst part about the trip is trying to keep at the speed limit as the Fireblade just wants to go faster and faster.
    The bike is very comfortable to ride and I get about 250kms on a tank of fuel. I am really happy with it
  5. welcome to NR hope you got the passport stamped when you crossed the border, but at least your in a civilised state now :LOL:

    *dons flames suit*
  6. Welcome.. i'm a new poster too..

    Again noice bike you have, I'm in thoughts to buy its smaller bro - the 600.. but hestiant due to commuting comfort.
    given i don't ride the distance you do, I think i'll ok right.

    If i get it - i'd drop ya a line
  7. Hi Matt,

    Welcome to both Netrider and the Mountains! I commute each day from Hazelbrook to Katoomba, not so far I know, but bloody cold at this time of year. :shock:

    Whereabouts in the mountains are you? Hope you can make it to coffee one Saturday.

  8. G'day mate and welcome. A great place to ride too.
  9. Hey Sue

    I live in Winmalee, not too far from Hazelbrook. I think we should definately do coffee sometime and hit the road together. Drop me a line and we can arrange something

  10. welcome, nice choice of ride ;)
  11. Welcome Matrix.
    Am just down the road in Penrith if you wanna catch up.
    You'll find heaps of interesting reading on the forums.

    Sue, am definately doing coffee this sat...rain, hail or shine.

    Hope to see ya both there. :grin:
  12. Thanks Kim

    I will definately join you and Sue for a ride however I am up in the Hunter Valley for the weekend so I will have to pass on tomorrows coffee run

    Looking forward to hitting the road with you though

    Ride safe in this wet weather