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Hi All from SR500 newbie - well, kind of

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' at netrider.net.au started by sr500, Nov 22, 2015.

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    SR500 here. I'm just feeling my way around NR. I think I'm in the Welcome Lounge.
    My story is that I've been waiting but am now working on my SR500E for what seems forever... after having dismantled it way back in 1981. Stripping a bike to the bare frame without regular access to a garage is a sure way of: 1) hanging onto it in bit & pieces, 2) regretting you ever did more than what 'had' to be done in the first place, & quite possibly, 3) staying alive if you were a committed speed freak (distance per hour type) like me.
    After buying my SR500E new in 1978 & riding Sydney to Perth & back again, I noticed at around 17,000km it blowing a tiny bit of oil smoke that eventually became a lot of smoke. Apparently, due to the bore not bedding in, it got glazed. Lesson: Do NOT add upper cylinder lubricant to fuel with a new engine. Let the piston rings & bore 'mate' without the extra lube. Anyway, after having the engine cylinder honed, I also got the head ported & polished. Also treated the engine to a sand, buff, polish & paint to help it stay cooler & look the same.
    The upside of all this this is: a) I'm still alive - 34 years after the fact, b) I've got a near complete, original one owner SR500E with 20Kkm on the clock, c) I'm busy (now) restoring this critter back to & better than new, d) I'll be riding it again soon... after a 34 year retirement from the art.

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  2. Welcome, Sydney to Perth on an SR500, you are a nut ;) We like nuts here,
  3. welcome aboard :]
  4. G'day and welcome, sr500sr500. You have indeed posted in Welcome Lounge. Will be interesting to see any photos you post of your SR500E.