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Hi All, from Southern Highlands

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by SouthHighlandsNSW, Dec 18, 2014.

  1. Riding again for just over a year after a loooong break. Loving every moment of it (except the cagers that ride my ass). I moved down to Moss Vale (southern highlands) to be close to my daughter, not working at the moment so im riding every day.

    Usually head out with a mate and his wife on Saturday morning to wherever... Wollongong, through picton, campbeltown, nowra, goulburn, canberra, etc... Visit some moto shops, coffee, lunch or whatever.

    As there is no "Moss Vale, Bowral, Mittagong" Social Motorcycle Clubs (for under 40's", I would love to see if anyone wants to meet up for regular rides around the area..

    My current ride : Yamaha Vstar650 classic (few mods)
    New Ride : Arriving soon : Kawasaki Vulcan 900 classic

    Anyway, Hi again, look forward to seeing some of you around....

    - Spud
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  2. Hi spud. I work on Mittagong two days a week but live in the 'Gong. After tomorrow I'll be free to ride wherever for a month, School holidays
  3. welcome aboard :]
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    Welcome Spud :)

    keen for rides over the next 3 weeks!
  5. Hello and welcome to NR :)
  6. Sounds good Hornet.. Checked weather for sunday, looks good, might see about getting down to the gong, always nice ride down there. My (regular) ride mates are busy on weekend, so im up for whatever.
  7. Hey oldcorollas, might be doing a gong run on sunday if your up for it.
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  8. Hi :], thanks for the welcome
  9. Hi :D Thanks
  10. Welcome Spud,

    I woudn't mind going for a ride but I'm stuck with the family for another few days.... :facepalm:
  11. Welcome, I spent the last 12 years living in Mittagong, it is a great area, and riding paradise enjoy.
  12. sounds good!
    Is unlikely i'll be up early enough tomorrow morning for the iClint run, so Sunday at a reasonable hour is on the cards :)
  13. hmmm.. trying to work out logistics for iClint run, dont mind the early start, need to work out where ill be starting from.. post soon :v
  14. Hi, thanks for the welcome .. Yeah the roads are amazing, only been here for just over a year, ive been lucky enough to live in two great spots. Lake macquarie was the last, great rides up there too. See you round !!
  15. Hey ..Hi .. Ive got no family left anymore :'( (except my wonderful daughter), enjoy the time with em.. but I know what ya mean :arghh:
  16. I'm mid-gong, so meeting at maccas Woonona, if I can wake up in time :D https://goo.gl/maps/leM2K
  17. Ok, be nice if you woke up on time ;) cause ill be at Maccas. 7.30,8.. what time you reckon?
  18. for Woonona metup, Icemaker said:
    I'll set ALL my alarms :D