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Hi All from Newcastle

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by kyle43, Aug 12, 2015.

  1. Hi All,

    Came across this site while searching for MT07 accessories.

    My name is Kyle, 43 years old live in Newcastle and have always wanted to get my bike licence but never got around to it

    Currently on my L's and purchased a Mt07 as my first registered road bike
    For a first road bike im loving this machine.

    Looking at adding an aftermarket exhaust and wondering what others recommend, at the moment leaning towards the akropovic titanium, but $1200 seems a lot for an exhaust.

    Wouldn't mind adding some more bling and would be good to see what others have done.
    If anyone else in newie on here with the mt07 want to get together for a ride I would be keen.

    if I can work out how to attach a photo of my ride I will

  2. Sheesh, I reckon we might as well rename this site to MT-07 fan club! So many of us getting it. Can't wait for mine to be delivered within a week-ish.
    I plan to try the bike without the modded exhaust first, then possibly consider the Akr system, after hearing one first. From what I've seen, it looks the best of all the systems and worth every cent!
    Wish I could ride with you, just a tad too far for my tank
  3. welcome aboard :]
  4. Welcome, fellow Novacastrian.
  5. G'day KyleKyle, welcome to the forum. I don't know about Akrapovic exhausts but I've found even OEM exhausts to be priced similarly. As SimmoSimmo said, the MT-07 is a popular bike (with good reason); I nearly bought one too.
  6. Thanks for the welcome guys, and good to see a fellow novo on here as well..

    How do I upload a photo?
  7. You'll be able to upload photos to posts once your status changes from 'Newcomer' to 'Member'.

    Once you've made a few posts (there may also be a length of time that elapses) your status will change and you'll see an 'Upload a File' button next to the 'Post Reply' button.

    Until then you can still link images hosted on other websites with the 'Image' button in the thread reply edit menu.
  8. Welcome to NR
  9. Welcome mate.
  10. Welcome. :) Fellow Novocastrian here, although currently a bit banged up from an altercation on the Great North Rd. ;) Hope to see you out there in a few months time!
  11. Would be good to catch up with MT07 owners in the newcastle area for a ride one weekend

    Also good to have my P's Now, Only have to wait a year and can get my blacks being able to be exempt as a mature age rider
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    Hi Kyle I'm in Newy too
    ride a BOLT R Spec, always looking for some company to have a ride with
  13. Hi Kaos, hows the Bolt r ride, They look sweet.always keen to go for a ride in a group, would be good to get a few more on here to meet up.
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    Good day Kyle
    yep, loving the Bolt at present, Have had quite a few Bikes before this one.
    Kawaka VL800
    HD Sportster 1200 (2 off)
    BMW R1200c
    The bolt's stock handlebars I found were pretty uncomfortable so changed them out with
    a T Bar with 4" Pullback, Back is much straighter now and its a lot more comfortable.
    I work @ Tomago Aluminium and work 4 on/ 4 off so we have a group here who I ride with
    mainly on week days, great bunch of blokes.
    If your interested my mobile is 0407313611, contact me and have a talk about joining us on some runs Kyle.
    what type of K's do you get to a Tank full?

    :)) I'd like to know that too, Kyle, lol
  15. To be able to upload you need a certain number of postings. The option of attaching or cut and pasting a pic will mystically appear! I think it's after 10 postings.?

    Watch the ride planning threads - we often meet up with other Newy's at Pie in the Sky or somewhere similiar and then go a run together.
  16. Rode to Pie in the ski last Wednesday with mates from Work
    its a great location.