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Hi all from Mount Martha vic

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by balsa, May 28, 2016.

  1. New to Netrider thought I would say hello. I am retired (read old) and have been riding around on scooters for the last few years. I am thinking about getting another bike, so thought I might join this forum to brush up my knowledge on the latest bikes.
    I have had a lot of dirt bikes & road bikes over the years.
    Question ' Are scooter riders allowed on Netrider?????????.

  2. Only if they nod...

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  3. G'day balsabalsa, welcome to Netrider. Scooter riders are welcome! Do you have an idea of the sort of motorcycle you might buy or the type of riding you'd like to do?
  4. Welcome mate :cool:
  5. NO.
    just joki'n everybody and everybike is welcome here.:)
  6. welcome aboard :)
  7. Thanks all.

    Xj6N I am thinking of some sort of naked bike. Having trouble working out in my slowing brain what size to get. Top of the thinking is XSR 700 Yam when they get here or a ktm 690/390 duke. It has to be a work horse as I only have a small truck for 4 wheels transport. As for what sort of riding maybe a little scratching and running into the city to watch soccer on weekends.
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  8. The Yamaha XSR 700 is a pretty cool looking bike...but then so are those KTMs. Having a bit of extra engine displacement will probably make any open road/highway riding into the city a bit easier. I also tend to think slowly about these things. Let us know what you get!
  9. gday balsabalsa welcome to NR! best to get out and test ride a few, even those you don't think you'll like, you may get a pleasant surprise.
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  10. Will do XJ6N but no hurry here as I have 2 scooters to ride around on at the moment and waiting on a super payout early November.
  11. Woops not sure how this quote stuff works.. Thanks chilliman, I am looking for a engine with a bit of character so will have to try some.
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  12. Looks like you've worked it out. You can also tag a forum member by putting the @ symbol at the beginning of their name; for example, balsabalsa.
  13. You can also tag a forum member by putting the @ symbol at the beginning of their name; for example, balsabalsa.[/QUOTE]
    Thanks xj6n
  14. Welcome balsabalsa, unusual tag - models?
  15. sorry not sure what models means?@lilhog
  16. Models, as in model planes, boats, other stuff, often made out of balsa wood.

    There's a thought. You need a bike - balsa wood, here's the answer!

    Roll your own.

    wood bike (2).
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  17. Welcome to NR
  18. Welcome to the but house balsabalsa !
    Good move towards bikes from scooters :) try as many bikes as you can and see what tickles your fancy. Good luck!
  19. Welcome to Netrider balsa! :)
  20. Welcome balsabalsa. My scooter expertise only includes the ones I used to push off on as a kid. You should check out the Honda NSX (700?) or some of the 700 Beemers if you want a bit of torque, reasonable economy and not too much power.