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Hi all, from Melb southeast

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Marty.K, Jul 21, 2014.

  1. After a few years of enjoying motorcycling its time to start connecting with other riders. Im friendly and open minded and would love the opportunity to do group rides etc. (Ive done a few in the past) and maybe even track days which I havent done yet. I currently ride a 2004 R1 and love it. I know some good roads around my area too. I look forward to hopefully meeting some of you. And to warmer days :)

  2. With an opening remark like friendly and open minded you obviously haven't met
    Uncle Greg yet.
    Welcome any way.
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  3. Welcome aboard Marty.
  4. im friendly, and open minded.
    oh I don't live far either
  5. Welcome to NR !
  6. Welcome Marty.
    Yes, bring back the warmer weather. There's been quite a few cold mornings and cool days.
    You should come on some of the Sunday rides.
  7. Well Marty, since you're open minded... Are you hot?

    Welcome to netrider!
  8. Welcome to NR...

    And by the looks of it, you've met the usual suspects!

    And is Yamaha...is good...

    See you around!
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  9. No officer, I wasn't there. I was visitin' me mate. It must've been someone else... :whistle:
  10. Thanks for the welcome everyone, so yeah- I'll be checking for any upcoming sunday rides.