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Hi all from Heidiho

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by speed, Sep 9, 2006.

  1. :grin: I just wanted to introduce myself (along with all the other newbies) to this far out and funky site!! HELLO

  2. Just what we need at Netrider; more speed (I mean of the velocity type, of course!)

    Welcome, great to have another mid-lifer on board. You must explain your avatar and your strange sig to us one day :grin:
  3. Hi Hornet (Paul?) My avatar is a samle of my artwork - this one is on a windcheater and as for the sig? well, have a few drinks, slur a bit and say it rather quickly! :LOL: Have a look at http://magicolours.spaces.live.com for more of my artwork
  4. paul is fine.

    LOVE the artwork, I admire people who can get 'light' into a painting; and I get the name, :grin:
  5. mmmmmmmmmm, as I was explaining it, I figured as much....doh! :oops: Well, I am blonde! :grin:
  6. Hi there and welcome - great sig heh heh!
  7. welcome spped :grin:
  8. Welcome Speed - love the sig - art is cool
  9. Thanx Paul, Jules, Cadbury and Jim for the welcome.
  10. Welcome aboard Speed!!
  11. Welcome Speed,
    absolutely love your artwork, my dad is an artist also so I can appreciate great work when I see it :grin:
    Love the new wheels too, great choice :wink:

  12. welcome aboard :grin:
  13. Welcome speed, and as the other have said, nice art on your website!
  14. Welcome speed, nice bike, and great art!
  15. *sniffs speed*...
    err i mean, HELLO! ;)
  16. ummmmmmmmm, I wont comment on that last post........yet. :grin:
    Thanks guys for the welcome!
  17. Hello Hey Ho
    Bout' time you jumped on board.

    be gentle with her guys, it's my fault she's here :) and i dont want to have to nurse her feelings if your nasty to her.

    And you should see her art in real life, this lady has some serious talent, so if your looking for a picture of your favorite Animal you know where to go.
  18. Howdy speed...... just hope all those ads are wrong. They do say that speed kills :bolt:
  19. So.........if I behave badly or say something wrong...........just blame Woodsy?...........yeah :p
  20. Nah, this speed doesn't kill :angel: