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Hi all from another newby, Chrissy McD

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Chrissy McD, Mar 27, 2015.

  1. 'Morning All - thought it about time I joined up! I've been riding for about 28 years (that's about 13 years less than I've been driving a car, so that makes me an old fart I guess). I decided to finally follow my heart and get my motorcycle licence at the ripe old age of 31, attending a Qld Road Safety Council beginners course, leaving my four young kids and somewhat bewildered husband at home. I progressed from a very pedestrian Yamaha SR185 single, to a Yamaha XV535 to my current Kawasaki VN800 which I've owned since 1999 and purchased with only 800km on the clock and now has close to 150,000km. My God, that thing has never missed a beat or had a serious breakdown in all that time and now I just can't part with her even though I can afford to (and probably should!). I spent 14 years commuting to and from work every day in all weathers and after the kids were old enough (husband #1 divorced many years ago....probably didn't like the bike!), I used my bike for long holiday tours interstate from Brisbane on my own. They were great times and now my second husband and I travel together on our bikes. One trip I did just over 13,000km in 28 days on my own and it was one of the best times I ever had. I never made any plans and just pointed the bike somewhere each morning without knowing where I'd be resting my tired head that night. I loved that feeling then, and I still do, although husband #2 is a bit scandalised at the thought of my going anywhere without him! Although I've still got my Kawasaki, I've just recently ditched my day job, cashed in my super and bought myself a Boom Mustang Thunderbird ST1 trike and started a trike tour business. Thought it was about time I took the career advice I've been dishing out to my kids all their lives....find your passion, then find someone to pay you for it. Anyway, I've just realised I've been rabbiting on a bit...there's probably a rule about that! Looking forward to spending a bit of time in Netrider hearing from other enlightened souls. Cheers all, Chrissy.

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  2. Hey there and welcome.
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  3. Welcome to NR Chrissy :) Sounds like you've had quite the adventure ..
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  4. Great intro.
    Welcome along, Chrissy
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  5. Hi Chrissy, You are an inspiration, follow your dreams. Good luck with the business, I look forward to some of your stories. :)
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  6. Wow...Nice Intro!

    Welcome to NR.
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  7. Thank you for the warm welcomes! Much appreciated ::love:
  8. Welcome and congrats on doing something you love - definitely looking forward to hearing about some of your trips - with pics :happy:
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  9. Um......can't work out how to insert photos from my photo folders...............give me a century or so.......I'm sure I'll work it out!
  10. welcome to Netrider Chrissy, and a great intro.

    You'll find to have to make more than ten posts before you can post pictures.
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  11. Welcome Chrissy McDChrissy McD . Talk about grabbing life by the goolies !! You should be doing motivational lectures on the circuit. I have often thought about trike tours here in Tassie but keep coming up with obstacles whereas you have just launched in from the high dive. Mighty impressed.:woot::woot:
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  12. Hi and welcome!
    I love hearing stories like yours! A passion about motorcycles, getting out there and riding.
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  13. Gosh, just logged back on and saw the new comments! What a warm welcome indeed, thank you all again :) I've had quite a few people say they think I'm brave to do what I've done, but really I'm not at all. I was terrified learning to ride, then terrified touring interstate by bike on my own and now again leaving a well-paid secure job at age 58, taking early retirement and spending a sizeable chunk of super to start a new business. But isn't taking a chance, feeling the fear and doing it anyway what makes life sweet? It's not good to be too safe and comfortable all the time. I just imagine myself an old lady nearing 100 in my rocking chair and I don't want that picture to include too many regrets. I very nearly talked myself out of my first big motorbike tour as the distances and possible loneliness and imagined dangers nearly got the better of me. But I thought I could easily ride from Brisbane to Byron Bay, then from there just to Ballina, then Coffs and so forth until I realised that the big trip,was nothing more than a lot of really short local rides strung together in a row. So off I went and didn't miss one of the best things I'd ever done. Riding keeps my mind and reflexes sharp and is certainly not always warm and cozy!
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  14. If you don't, someone else might and then you'll be sorry!
  15. Ah, I see! Thank you.....I'm sure I'll manage ten posts. Look out world!
  16. welcome aboard Chrissy :]
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  17. A warm welcome also from the shores of the cold Northsea - that your adventurous ride may continue for a long time to come!
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  18. It may not be ten, it may be a magic number that you will only know when you reach it :)
    Welcome and look for the "upload file" button to magically activate.
  19. Hi again....I guess I made it as some new buttons magically appeared as promised! image.
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