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Hi all from another new member :)

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by HondaGal, Oct 13, 2004.

  1. Hi everyone!

    I have just been introduced by Foxy, who has been singing NetRider's praises :D Oh, and he said to say hello too!

    Looks like a fantastic site so far and I haven't even scratched the surface... I'm really looking forward to getting involved with some of these rides, particularly the Toy Run in December.

    Hope to meet some of you soon!



  2. Howdy, about bloody time lol welcome :)
  3. Welcome HondaGal.

    If you were introduced by Foxy, then surely he told you how a few guys around here thought he was a gal himself?
  4. welcome HondaGal, it's a good place to look around with plenty of answers to questions :)
  5. Hi HondaGal, we aren't all like Foxy - some of us are old and fat!
  6. Hey now thats harsh..... i'm 27 and athletic :)
    sorry read that wrong, thought you were saying I was old and fat
  7. Nothing wrong with FAT now is there little athletic fellow.

    I wont chase you but when I catch ya, you go squish now.

    (Back to my cheese burgers and milk shake icy poles)
  8. you can't do that to a fellow sv rider :( as I said miss read all appologies. Anyway this is meant to be a big hello to HondaGal who rides a Shadow for those that wish to know
  9. SV Rider.

    Then you are spared!
  10. Yiasoo
  11. Hello, the shadow knows.
  12. G'day Hondagal.

    Welcome to the fun house.

    If you're going to the GP there are more than a few people going down if you want to ride with anyone.
  13. Heya and welcome aboard :D

    Lisa :p :twisted:
  14. its not called fat , its called portly or salad dodger :LOL:

    anyway back to the topic

    welcome to the site
    make sure that you get into coffee to meet everyone
    there is one on friday nights at south bank
    check the rides area
    marshy should point you in the right direction or even bring you down
  15. Hi HondaGal, welcome!
  16. hiya hondagal
    welcome to this venerable forum........ :)
  17. Hello HondaGal.

    Welcome to the forum!
  18. Group Hug! :)
  19. hi hondagal.
    once u state urself as girl bet u'll be flood with all PMs
    :) lol
    nature laws
  20. welcome...

    hmmm... thats all i got, just thught i would post whore.. hehehe

    EDIT: i really only posted coz u is a girl with a honda... hahaha jk..