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Hi all, from a long time lurker

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' at netrider.net.au started by MrCooms, May 6, 2007.

  1. G'day

    Thought it was about time i made my first post after lurking on this forum now for over 12 months.

    Too the big step febuary last year to buy my first motorbike after always having a facination with them from a young age and my dad being a rider on and off for the past 30 years. after much research and deliberatin i ended up with a brand new GS500. I must say to anyone looking for a great allround learner bike you cant beat this bike. in the 15 months that ive had the bike i'ev put 14 000k on the bike venturing all around NSW and its fantastic, having my dad as a bit of a mentor has been a great as well, and now we both enjoy our sunday morning rides. (I think nearly every bike in sydney must have been at PIE this morning, and what a great day for it.)

    Now 15 months down the track i have a brand new Black daytona 675 on its way, which should be here in the next few weeks. Looking into also doing a few advanced rider training course's down the track as well once i get a comfortable with the new bike e.g. superbike school which seems to get alot of positive feedback.

    Hopefully i can give back a bit off feedback and help to other people looking into getting a bike and give back some of the knowledge that i have picked up from getting into riding, I find you never stop learning and gaining experience each and every time you ride !

    Sorry for the rant :p
  2. Howdy Michael, congrats on taking the big leap from lurking.
    MMMm 675 on the way you lucky bugger.
    Have fun on the forums :wink:
  3. Welcome, Michael. Your dad sounds interesting; 30 years riding, on and off, etc? He's not an old racer, by any chance, is he??
  4. hehe, not quite, came from holland were he was brought up riding push bikes and motorbikes, He has an old photo which he got framed a few years ago of his old bridstone 90 which at the time gave to his dad as he just bought a brand new cb250, this being back in 1971 :p. Over the years he's owned a few other bikes including a CB900 bouldor, and now has a blue ST1300.
  5. longer time lurker!

    Hi Micheal,
    I also have been lurking for way too long, I used to post when this was just an email list about 3 or 4 years ago. After 20 odd years of riding I've hung up my helmet so I thought I might as well post something. I figured that I have got away with way too much over the years of riding into the city from the North East and after a nasty dream have called it quits. I miss my ZZR1100 so much, the train just doesnt do it for me!
  6. Hi michael

    welcome to the forum and hope you enjoy your time here

    might see you around the forum sometime.

    hope you had a good weeekend!
  7. Thanks Paul

    Was a great weekend, PIE was swarming with bikes. I was in my red mini. Any regulars on here that veture up the old road? Not that its much fun now with most of the road being 60, and yet it has got to be one of the most popular roads on sundays for bikes.