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Hi All, from a complete beginner

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' at netrider.net.au started by Max66, Aug 12, 2015.

  1. Hi all
    I'm going to do my pre learners course soon, and really looking forward to getting on a bike of my own, I'm a complete beginner and to begin with it will be a Sunday ride thing for me, but I'm reading and watching everything I can get a hold of and came across this site and it looks full of information, thanks for any input for bike choice, but I like Dakar type bikes but am all ears from the more experienced guys and girls, but an idea on a good learns type road bike would be great.
    Thanks All

  2. Welcome Max66, I am sure people will be along soon to push their particular favourite bikes. It sounds like you want something that is road and dirt capable. Have you got your riding gear? You will need to budget for that. New or Second Hand? What sort of budget do you have?
  3. Welcome to netrider. Riding is something that once it gets you you'll never look back.
    This site is certainly full of useful advice and has a treasure test of information useful for a new rider.

    The best learner bike is one that you feel comfortable on, if it's too heavy or too tall you're not going to feel confident or safe on the bike. My advice would be to go to your local bike store and sit on every LAMS bike and short list a few that suite your posture.

    Dirt bikes may not be the best bike to start on if you're just going to be riding on the road, they tend to be very tall and aren't as forgiving.
    I'd try out the following bikes at a minimum
    -DRZ400 (dirt bike, cult following, almost indestructible)
    -KLE 400/500
    -Kawasaki zzr250, gpx250 (mostly the same bike)
    -Kawasaki Ninja 300
    -Suzuki GS500
    -KTM Duke 390
  4. Thanks for the reply , no gear at all yet, I'm open to good second hand gear too if available and I'll have to hit the dealers and sit on everything till I like it, but I have access to a 125 road bike to practice with till I decide
  5. Thanks for the reply and ill check out the list you gave me.
  6. A 125 could be valuable to get the feel of riding and confidence up before moving onto a larger bike.
    I would advice against 2nd hand gear, especially helmets which should be brought new.

    If your smart on how you shop, you should be able to pick-up very decent gear for ~$500.
    Spend a good $200 on a helmet, $50 on gloves, decent textile jacket and at least some armoured kevlar jeans.
  7. welcome aboard :]
  8. Thanks mate, do you recommend shops in Sydney I could check out?
  9. Thank you
  10. Thanks, I would buy new for helmet, any recommendations on Kevlar or other types ?
    Cheers Max66
  11. Helmet fit is the most important consideration, and what it's features, functions, feel etc might be come second.
    Some people will find the shape of their head simply won't fit into a particular brand of helmet, but fits perfectly into another. Try them on and get someone in the shop or a knowledgable friend to help with fit, then go from there.
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  12. Choosing the best Helmets is like discussing the best bike oil, everyone has an opinion and their is no correct answer! Always buy the best you can afford, in reality if you're only taking the bike out on weekends you probably don't need $1500 Bell helmet.
    Start with the cheaper $100 ones for feel and work your way up. I find the construction quality of helmets at $200 is where you want to be at a minimum due to increased construction quality, better aerodynamic design and features like removable antibacterial linings.

    Spending more you will get more features like sunshades, pinlock and bluetooth communications compatibility. Kevlar shelled helmets are only lighter, not necessarily safer per say, a cheaper good fitting helmet is better than an expensive uncomfortable one..
    You will know when you find a helmet that fits your headshape and what ones that don't.
  13. G'day MaxMax, welcome to Netrider.
  14. Thanks for the welcome
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  15. welcome to NR. Aldi just had gear for sale, get your butt in there and have a look see, bike wise, sit on a few see what fits and ho comfee you feel on it, cruisers suit short peeps , trial / road seem to be some tall peeps choice, then you have faired versus naked. second hand for the first bike as you WILL drop it so why cry like some of us!! and get a decent helmet, not a friggin cheapie!! think of it this way, whats your head worth? also get boots!! Aldi had them too, you may save some bucks, AMX is another shopping place.