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Hi all from a 2nd time noob in Melbourne

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by phojomark, Oct 15, 2008.

  1. Hey all,

    another new member here!

    Returning to riding after about seven years off two wheels. Originally had a cbr250 for 18 months before work commitments *cough* and a few spills *cough* made me take the car route. Never took the license test though, so back on them's L plates again.

    Picked up a GS500 a fortnight ago and it's like being in another world again. It looks like a commuter, sounds like a commuter and rides like a commuter but in my (ever so slightly!) older age I'm loving it like a first bike should be loved.

    I feel like a total learner all over again, and whilst I've thankfully managed to avoid the horn instead of indicator, missing gears and letting it fall over stationary type stuff, I'm looking forward to trying to get along to a few learner Tuesday's.

    I'm in North Balwyn, if any other learners or learner friendly riders want to hook up for some rides, I'm keen. My GF got her L's with me this time around as well (so proud!) and we pick her CB250 in the next few days, so we hope to see you out there.

    Oh and this site rocks, maybe if it had been around years ago I wouldn't have done half the stupid things or made nearly as many mistakes as I did last time.

  2. Hi mark! its nice to have your gf to ride around with :grin:

    enjoy your ride!
  3. Thanks mate.

    Just got the call that her bike is ready to be picked up. Should be a funny weekend!
  4. Welcome to NR! Must say it is so good to have a ride partner :wink: ...LOL GreyBM and I ride together, and it is good to share the exhilaration of riding with that special someone.

    See you both on the roads! Ride safe! :grin:
  5. Welcome to NR Mark.

    Glad to hear that this site will help you from doing half the stupid things you did last time. This means that now you can focus on doing the other half.
  6. Hey, Mark, welcome (back) :).
  7. G'day Mark, glad to see you came back to the dark side (and brought a soul with you). :grin:

    Shelley and I are not far from you. I'm happy to give tips/advice and go on the odd ride. :)
  8. Thanks guys.

    Seany, that'd great. Some days I feel comfortable again whilst others I have so many questions it feels like they're coming out my ears :tantrum:

    I do tend to overthink things though!