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Hi all- fixed it :-)

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by jake00038, Jun 30, 2009.

  1. Well hi, im jake, im 17 and haven't got my bike l's yet but its near the top of the list. i have a CM250(needs a few cosmetics), an 80 something XT250(needs workand parts) and am going to look at a KR250a this week

  2. welcome jake :)
  3. per capita?
  4. lol

    just so people know what we on about before it gets changed..

  5. thanks for the welcome guys. sorry about the capitals
  6. A capital welcome to you, Jake :LOL:.
  7. Welcome jake

    from a % of the whole of us :)

  8. You can edit the original post and fix the heading if you want you know.....

    Before you ask, just scroll up the screen and click on the Edit button on the OP.
  9. Good onya Jake and welcome aboard.

    Mate if you can cop a bit of lip then feel free to give some out as well. :grin:
  10. chef im hungry cook something