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Hi All - Butto here.

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' at netrider.net.au started by butto, May 29, 2016.

  1. Not really up to speed with computers but here goes.
    Live on Central Coast NSW between Sydney & Newcastle.
    Current ride is a Kawasaki W800 Retro style bike.
    Rides nice for an old bloke. Body wont let me tuck in any more.
    Previous Yamaha YDS3, Bultaco Metrala, Norton 1972 750 Commando Roadster (wiping tears away right now),
    Yamaha XS650SF, and under the house I've got a Yamaha TY250B in parts waiting for my retirement day.
    Been a member for a while but couldn't figure out how to post on the site.
    Great to be here. See a lot friendly replies & good advice. Feels good.

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  2. G'day buttobutto, old guys who can't tuck up on a sports bike rule. That's why they make cruisers
  3. welcome aboard :)
  4. Welcome mate :cool:
  5. Hello Butto
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  6. Welcome, mate I had a Yamaha XS650, but the earlier D model. Wish I'd never traded it on the murderous Kawasaki. Z500 that followed it...
  7. Welcome to NR...
  8. Welcome buttobutto, yep retro style for me too.

    Not in a big hurry anymore.
  9. gday buttobutto, welcome and congratulations on your first post. if you need a hand with anything just shout out.
  10. lol
  11. Welcome butto
    Love to hear a review of the W800 as its on my long list of what to get for my next bike.
  12. Welcome to the forum mate.
  13. G'day buttobutto, welcome to the forum. I do like the look of the W800, along with most of the bikes dubbed "retro" available now.

    Hailing from the NSW central coast, do you recall or ever visited the Hungry Creek Motorcycle Park during that brief golden age when it was open in the 1970s?
  14. Bien venido buttobutto , well done in learning new tricks .... It's not all about bikes. Technology plays a big role in today's learnings.

    Happy again riding and stay upright! :)
  15. Thanks for the warm welcome everyone.
    Balsa - Will get around to doing a review of the W800 shortly.
    (Hope I haven't got in over my head there).
    It's not a rocket but that's Ok with me, in not in a hurry any more.
    One thing I'm not overly impressed with is the total lack of exhaust note to drive by.
    At $2000 the Staintune after market unit will have to wait for a while.
    Bloody government regulations.
    I have always tended to ride by sound, now I have to ride by instrument much more.
    I had been short of a bike for quite a few years when I spotted this bike on the internet by accident.
    Decided it would fit the bill as a mid life crisis very nicely.
    Spoke to the chief financial controller & she gave the OK - some days you can get lucky.
    It's strictly a work & home commuter for me, but does the job very nicely thank you.
    Hey XJ6N I moved to the Coast in the 80's & I believe that circuit is now in private hands.
    Thanks again Gang.
  16. here's a little tip for you mate, if you type @ before the site members name it will highlight to them that you've mentioned them in your post so they can come back and reply - like this buttobutto
  17. Welcome to NR from Adelaide.