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hi all, a new rider from Colac, country Vic

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' at netrider.net.au started by dazzaa, Oct 13, 2008.

  1. Hello all at netrider,

    My name is Darren. I have posted a few messages but has not formally introduced myself until now.

    I own a 2007 black Kawasaki GPX 250 for 18 months now. It is my first bike. At that time LAMS is not out yet so I have to stick to a 250. If I got a licence now I would have go straight to a 650. Just kidding... deep inside I knew it is better for me to start off with small capicity.

    I usually ride on weekend, mostly to Geelong, Ballarat and the area surrounding Colac. Now I have accumulated 7000kMs. Workplace is only 1km away, so hard to clock kms on my bike. I am looking forward to the weekend GOR ride on 13 Dec. it would be my first ever group riding. Calling all fellow riders in Geelong,Colac and surroundings, I am on for short rides together!

    Wonder where Colac is? It is 76 west of Geelong ,home to Bulla ice-cream and hometown of Luke Hodge.

    You can also see my profile at bikepics - member : darrenloo

    Ride Safe

  2. Welcome to NR Darren
    You could always ride home for lunch :p
  3. Welcome Darren :).
  4. Do you go out to Hush (Austral Hotel) at all on a Saturday night?

    I work there.
    I'm the one who tosses out the idiots :grin:
  5. Hello Vinni, nice bike and I like your tank pad. Yes, I do go home for lunch , so clock only 7 kms each day.

    Hi Paul. Thanks

    Vic, you go all the way to work from Tarneit to Colac on Saturdays?! Ha, you work as security at Austral. I may come one Saturday, and I will behave. :)
  6. Dedication babeeeeeeeeeee

    I may not be there Saturday, depends in my flight back to Melb arrives on time.
  7. Welcome aboard Darren