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Hi all, a new M50 rider here ...

Discussion in 'Cruisers' started by MikeSuthy, Dec 23, 2007.

  1. Hi all, I’ve been lurking in the back ground for awhile, gathering lots of info and tips on bikes. It’s a great forum here so I thought I’d say hi and thanks.

    I picked up a new Suzuki M50 yesterday (yep in the rain) and can’t wait to put some kms on it … It’s been a few years since I’ve last owned a bike … and after riding a mates for a day, a couple of months ago, I was hooked again … I started my bike search with a clean slate … compared each of the different categories and what models were currently out there with what I wanted to get out of riding … After riding a Honda Valkyrie for a couple of years, I wanted something a little smaller … less weighty, more nimble and quick in the corners …. My riding plans involve lots of twisties, a bit of touring, and probably every day commuting …

    The final choices came down to the Suzuki M50 and the Suzuki VStorm. Why they are both Suzuki’s I do not know as I looked at all makes and models … they just provided what I was looking for … I liked the idea of also being able to handle dirt roads if required on the VStorm but the specs, looks, style, and feel of the M50 came out on top … I did heaps of research on the net and from forums like this … Peter-Reebok … I’ve never meet ya … but I owe you a beer … the write ups you have done on your experience with the M50 alone, almost sold me the bike … cheers mate … excellent work …

    A couple of weeks ago I meet Lucido from Raceway Suzuki, Niddrie, we got chatting and he gave me a great deal … while not quite the out the door for 10K plan, for a K8 model, he did near to it … he was full of helpful, honest advice.

    My next stop was Bikemart, Ringwood, where I met Dave … it’s good to deal with people who actually live what they sell … he answered my questions based on his experience of riding … like while trying on some jackets he suggested we nip next door to actually sit on a bike to see how the jacket felt … I understood just how valuable his suggestion was as soon as my butt landed in the seat … in the end I walked out the door completely kitted out … a fantastic one stop shop.

    Anyway, I look forward to seeing you guys in my mirrors … (as you pass me, I’ll be the one breaking in the new bike :cool: ) … and remember …
    Keep the rubber side down!

  2. Welcome Aboard Mike !!

    Congrats on the new bike . The boys at Bikemart are Great, helped me out a number of times.

    PS: You are RIGHT, You'll see me in your mirrors, I'll be the "goofy" one trying to keep up :p
  3. You wont go wrong with the M50 - it is a great all round bike.

    It will get a lot smoother and faster as the klms roll on.

    I have a ventura rack setup fof the M50 if you reckon you need it.
    And a spare clutch cable, and some odds and ends.
    Only in FTG, so diamond creek is almost next door.

    See ya round
  4. Welcome aboard. You have chosen a good bike there Mike…
    Happy and safe riding.
  5. Thanks for the welcome guys …

    Peter, I am interested in the gear you have got … busy with Christmas at the moment but afterwards I come over for a look see at the M109 … opps ... the gear :grin: ... I plan to get the feel of the bike, as is, before I start doing some mods … I can see the need for a rack or bags and a wind shield but will wait a while before buying either.

    One of the things I like about the M50 is the clean rear fender … so the saddle bags or rack that I get will have to be easy removed without a lot of stuff left behind.

    So far the Memphis Hellcat with a black gradient looks the part for the wind shield.

  6. Nice bike
    picked my M50 up about 2 weeks ago and first service next saturday.
    then off to queensland with it the following week.
    it was definatly the best of the lightweight cruisers.
    i'll past up re the trip so you knpow how it goes.
    should be interesting as the other rider is taking up a velousia so be good to see if they have improved
  7. Nice upgrade from your previous ride :)

    Did you get it for a good $?
  8. siggy at mick hone did me a ripper deal after eric logan introduced us.
    it was the only cruiser that felt like an upgrade from the GV 250 :eek:
    i really am not jocking. i had to deliver my baby to daylesford and what a ride i didn't want to give her up but the M50 just has somuch more grunt and size. pity about the ground clearance
  9. Hey Quik Blat … Queensland … lucky you … which way are you planning to go ? Off the freeways ?

    I picked the bike up last Saturday, for those who do not know, the Victoria/Melbourne region is in a drought … of all days that it decided to piss down it was the day that I had arranged to pick up the bike! I had already planned my route home that did not involve busy traffic or motorways … even planned which petrol station I was going to fill the bike at, but the guys at Raceway had done that … nice, one less thing to think about … so after handing over the bank check and throwing on the rain gear ... I was off …

    You would not believe it … but as I turned right, out of the shop onto the road, clicked into 2nd, a girl in a lancer came straight across in front of me … slam goes the brakes … F#$k goes me!!! … new tyres, new brakes, off goes the brakes, swerved to miss her. Nothing like a jump start back into riding! … I could not believe it … anyway the rest of the trip home went to plan … phew!!

    The rain eased off but there was lots of crap washed onto the roads … Well, the bike was not as clean and shiny as I saw it back at the shop … that’s tough … the first clean on the first day … :roll:

    I booked it in as soon as I could for the 1000km service. Since they are closed over Christmas I have a week to do a 1000 kms … after which I can start getting serious … lucky I’ve got 3 weeks off work for the Christmas break!

  10. hi mike
    highways on the way up coast on the way down.
    3 days parkes, inglewood, sufers.
    though no set plans for stopping points as yet
    i know were your comming from with the rain.
    the M50 is thefirst bike i have picked up for me or on behalf of anyone else were it hasn't bucketed down.
    couple of good rides and 1000 will rack up pretty quickly.
    i did the work commute for a week and 1 real cruise now it has been grounded since the 16th till i get it serviced on saturday.
    need to bring it in when i get back though its about a 3500 klm round trip plus a week up there
  11. LOL - had mine only a week before the first service!.

    How is the seat ?- I modded the seat to reduce bum burn - takes about 20 minutes and $10 - then I could do 1600 klm days.
  12. Welcome to NR Mike and congrats on the new bike

    I am one who chose the V-Strom LOL but the couple we ride with have cruisers with one being the same as your bike.

    Also major fans of the crew at Raceway Luc is a really top bloke as are all the crew there. They have looked after us extremely well.

    Looking forward to seeing you out there on the road.

  13. Just spent the last 2 hours with the heat gun scraping off the warning labels … sacrificed two finger nails ... anything else would of done some damage to the paint work … Once the labels were gone I used a little mineral turpentine to get off the glue … wiped it clean with some soapy water and you would never know they were there.

    Has anyone had any success in taking the M50 labels off the side panels? … I like the look of the Boulevard on the tank but the M50 labels take the eyes off the bike so they gotta go …

    Anyone removed them successfully ?

    Agreed Quik Blat, it won’t take long to rack up 1000kms … hence I’ve put off riding in the last couple of days due to the rain … I’ll wait for a dry day and go find me some of those twisties …

    My commute to work is going to be fun … twice a day on jumping creek road … no traffic lights … gotta watch out for those roos though and the ones with the cameras!

    Actually Peter on the ride home (50kms) the seat felt pretty good … must be the extra padding I carry around :grin: … but I’ll see how it goes on longer trips … I may look at a “John’s†forward control kit … again I’ll do a couple 1K rides and see what falls off!

    Cheers Tracey, how you finding the VStorm? … been on the dirt yet?

  14. Hey mate, i used to own a C50 and removed the side panel badges no probs. Much easier than those dreaded warning labels i can assure you.. :grin:

    I am sure you will enjoy your new bike, congrats..
  15. side badges are also just stuck on.
    Get some monofilament fishing line, and after giving the badge a warmup with the dryer, and a dousing of WD40, slowly 'cut' the badge off with the line. Use a sawing motion to speed things up.
    Then some eucalyptus oil to clean it up, and voila - clean panels!.
  16. Excellent idea mate! … I did have a look at peeling them off but I could see that there was a chance that I could also peel off whatever finish was on the side panels and a knife would be too easy the create damage … never thought of fishing line … you been watching that prison break??!! :LOL: … I guess you know what I’ll be doing today …

    Hey Blue14, how long did you have the C50 for? … why the change?
  17. I had the C50 as well as the 14.. i actually bought the C50 when i had the ZX12R and the GPX750R, both gone now, yes i had 3 bikes and a scooter in the garage at one stage. I just thought it wasnt me anymore so i sold it.. Have added a ZX9 to the garage along side the 14 for now though. So 2 bike is enough for now.

    Had the C50 for 12 months, great bike and i did enjoy it for a while, just wasnt me in the end i think..

    I am thinking a VRod maybe my next addition, yeah a Harley !!
  18. Yesterday I took off the side badges as per Peter’s instructions … One word of warning for those who are new at it … when using the fishing line as a saw, work it very slowly back and forwards … else things heat up and can mark the panels :roll: … also helps to peel the label off at the same time so that there is no pressure on the fishing line pressing against the side panels. The bike looks great (only one spot if you know where to look has a tiny scratch) :grin: .

    Blue14, I understand what you mean … I guess as we go through different stages in our lives what we want out of our ride also changes …

    We’ll yesterday I clocked up 314kms on the M50 … Overall I’m pleased … Can’t wait till I can open that throttle all the way up … just going through the break-in process now through … changing revs … getting things hot and letting them cool down again … the gearing arrangement of the M50 is fantastic … there’s been a lot of thought go into those ratios … just so smooth … :driver:
  19. Now you need to debaffle the pipes, which Pete and i can assist you with, and whack in a K&N Air filter, believe me it make heaps of difference performance wise..
  20. I plan on getting an M50 within the next month myself, will debaffling the pipes seriously produce more power, or simply more noise?
    Because I don't relish the idea of waking my kids every time I go to work...