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Hi again... Again?

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' at netrider.net.au started by jwebb2876, Mar 21, 2015.

  1. I think the last time I was on here was 2012? As I recall my previous posts on here have been not much more than a bunch of babble and bullshit, so I'll try and improve on that. Anyway.
    I'm Josh.
    I ride this:
    And do this:

    1982 Yamaha IT250. Jack of all trades sort of thing, I use it for everything from mustering sheep to vinduros. Has a YZ125K front end, YZ465 TLS front brake, 1mm over Wossner piston, the handguards and that's about it.
    Goes well enough for me. Not much off idle, but it pulls like a train into the midrange and signs off a little early up top. It's dead reliable and super simple to work on, too.
    Ihandles like an IT, meaning it's tall and heavy and you definitely feel it in the scrub. Stops bloody well for drum brakes though (TLS front may have something to do with that).

    Anyway, that little introduction aside, I figure it's time I actually go ahead and get my learner's and start riding on the road, like I've been talking about doing since my 15th birthday. Which was ten years ago.
    I recently bought my old man's old Suzuki GS550, yes, the same one I was on about last time I posted, except it's actually mine this time. It's all there and other than a mysterious ignition problem and the accumulated crap, junk and gunk that comes with sitting in a disused pigshed for over a decade, is in pretty good shape.
    61,000km, with (according to Dad) less than 5,000 on it since the engine was rebuilt. Did have points, but Dad converted it to electronic ignition sometime in the 90's. It turns over with good compression, doesn't feel or sound off while doing so, haven't done anything past give it a bath to get rid of 10+ years of sparrow/finch/swallow shit and dust so I've got no idea whether or not it has spark or not. Forks and shocks have damping, could likely do with an oil change though. NFI whether the brakes work or not.
    Anyway. Looks like this, I've also got a fcuking awesome 1970's-vintage headlight fairing/windscreen thing to go on it.

    First order(s) of business: Make it go, and replace the absurdly heavy clutch springs with the originals so I can actually pull the lever in.
    Second: Make it stop. Bleed the front brake, if that doesn't work, replace/rebuild the lot.
    Then new tyres/chain/battery, fit the fairing thing, register it and do wheelies, followed by bouts of crashing and death, because I really, really suck at wheelies.

    Anyway. Hi, again, I may actually hang around this time.
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  2. Nice
    Nice post mate, good luck with the GS. I remember those old IT's fondly...
  3. Welcome back.. :)
  4. welcome aboard :] good luck getting it going
  5. Back in the days when the manufacturers were building new models in 1cc increments; there was a 550, 650, 750, 850 and 1,000 in that era!!!
    I'd ditch that ghastly straight bar and get something with a little bit of a rise, but apart from that it looks great.
    Anyway, good luck getting the old girl going, and welcome back.
  6. Cheers fellas. The project has stalled at pulling the carbs out, it's a bastard of a job so I'm putting it off, haha

    In the meantime, I've been riding my sister's Suzuki Across around. Fun bike, but it's a little... small.
  7. G'day Josh, welcome back to NR. I'll be interested to see how the GS550 goes as you get it back to road-worthy condition...sounds like the first two priorities you've set - making it go and stop - are well in-hand.