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Hi! 13 months experience, NDE and the pending upgrade

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by chesty_la_rue, Sep 20, 2016.

  1. Hi NetRiders!!

    At 30 years of age, a lifetime of lecturing from the parents never to become a 'temporary Australian' had worn off and I finally got my R-E licence here in WA last August.

    Since then, I've...

    Gone halves in a 2010 VTR250 - dubbed 'Vicki' - with a mate working FIFO and hit the streets, garnering up experience. Vicki is black on black and the aftermarket exhaust is waaaay too loud for a 250.. but at least I'm heard :)

    Went on a guided 1200km trip through Vietnam, mainly riding an XR125, but also a 'Minsk'.. that is a whole post in itself, as I was clotheslined by a buffallo's rope at 45kmh and lived to tell the tale.

    Hit Bali with a mate, rented 2 KLX150s for 9 days and set off to circumnavigate the island on coastal routes. It took us 6 days to cover... truly cut my teeth on a lot of off-road terrain, too :)

    Discovered spiders will make their webs in and around my car as it seems to sit at home a whole lot.

    Become an expert at securing small loads to the back of my bike.

    Found many well-engineered streets in Perth that feature in my commutes as often as possible.

    Headed out to the hills of Perth only once, but stumbled across O'Brien's Road!

    Took a Triumph Street Triple R out for a test-ride last week and am striving to arrange finance for it tomorrow!

    I hope to learn a heap, have a laugh and share some stories here. Does anyone know if you can attach photos to your post, or can you only insert a link to a hosted image? Would be cool if you could simply attach.. I had a few to add here
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  2. Welcome aboard, have the street triple R myself, mucho fun bike (y)
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  3. Howdy and welcome

    You have to post a certain minimum number of posts before you can attach pictures. Think it's 10?? not sure
  4. Welcome mate, good fun right!

    You'll be able to post pics is a short period, keep posting and functionality with suddenly be there....
  5. gday chesty_la_ruechesty_la_rue and welcome to NR - it's good to see you old blokes (lol) gathering up the stones to get out on two wheels, I bet you wish you did it ages ago!

    hope the trumpy works out for you, they are great bikes!
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  6. Welcome mate :cool:
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  7. Welcome Chesty. :) Go on, buy that Triple, post pics, make me jealous... Just hit us up with a review!
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  8. Howdy & Welcome to NR!
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  9. Welcome aboard :)

    Sounds like you've had a fun time since getting you licence

    Only going to get better with the new ride :)
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  10. Awesome journey and nice bike choice!
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  11. Whey hey!!! Leave this post for 2 nights and look what happens! A whole heap of welcome messages. I really feel welcomed! Ain't you guys a bunch! :p

    Thanks for all the comments and also encouragement to get the Trumpy. After being appalled at the total interest and cost to get $9k worth of finance for the purchase, looks like a mate will stretch me the funds. He wants to get involved in the purchase and low-ball the seller as far as we can wing it.. so it could be a story in itself... so stay tuned!

    And chilliman - watch yer self there buddy, us old fellas still know a thing or two *laboured karate chop*.. *wheeze*... *failed roundhouse kick*... *pulls hammy* :)

    Will get the posts up and start sharing photos of bikes, jaunts and NDEs!!

    Cheers! :cool:
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  12. I was abuzz for hours after the test ride. Had no idea that bikes could be that amazing.. but I guess the biking world is faaaar greater than I could have ever imagined! :p
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  13. good stuff mate. looking forward to the story and plenty of pics!
  14. The triumph has walked in the door - A STriple R is now parked up in my lounge room!!! Just to crack 10 posts!!
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  15. Here we go - cracked it ;)

    Attached Files:

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  16. Congrats :)
  17. Welcome mate. The mirrors on that bike are hideous and the rubbish windscreen has to go as well, but apart from that it's bloody beautiful, I'm quite a bit jealous. Can't wait to hear some stories from your travels - the south east Asia two wheel stories are always interesting haha. I rented a little scooter in Vietnam and threw the missus on the back for activities and adventures, had a few near misses with those damn buffaloes. Did you taste buffalo meat while you were there? I went to Sapa right up in the north near the Chinese border and found a little restaurant with smoked water buffalo, and after having those fcukers scare the shit out of me more than a couple of times I don't know if it was the vengeance I could taste or if it was actually just delicious. We'll go with delicious...
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  18. Welcome to the forum chesty_la_ruechesty_la_rue! Sounds like it was time - threw caution into the wind and now you ride with the wind.

    Those experiences on the smaller bikes will be handy once you got it bigger bikes. And yes, you've discovered the thrills that come with trying and riding diff beasties.

    Make sure you do a write up in the bike showcase section and also write up in your trips! They sound amazing :)
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  19. Yep, I'm with Vtec. Lose the screen pronto... and then enjoy! (**envy)