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Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by D Stump, Sep 4, 2007.

  1. i vonder vot vould happen if i started a thread...........

    about nothing?

    would a conversation break out?


    [excitement she wrote! :eek:hno: 8-[ :smileysex: ]

  2. You really ARE bored, arne't you, Jax :LOL:???

    {Hey, did you stay for the credits in the Simpson's Movie???}
  3. im not board! ive got lots to do [bought new rug, gunna redecorate] i just have to wait for the pain to settle before i start moving.

    no credits for simpson movie, i havent seen it yet.

    cheers :cool:

    [hm, paul put a post in THEN HE must be board!] te he!
  4. Rusting from disuse:

  5. what did you do loz? google up trolly photos?

    ya did didn't you? :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:

    just how many more have you got waiting? is there a trolly pic for every occasion?

    oh i wish i still had an old one of me in a plastic trolly. oh well. stump will think of something.

    how about a trolly with one wheel?

    now that i know you have one ball, revenge is on it's way

  6. Board man:


    :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:

  7. surely we can do better than this. the sienfield episode about nothing was better than this....and he's a jew [woe! bring on stump!]

    [disclaimer; stump loves jews!]
  8. So whats the new colour scheme/theme/era???
    1970's ... eclectic hippy style, lime green and orange, big white plastic dangling circles threaded together with fishing line for a door curtain, and mission brown woodwork :LOL: ohh, and 3 flying ducks on the wall
    and ya parents first ever TV from the 50's, gutted and turned into a fishtank.

    or 1980's shabby chic, lots of painted cane/wicker furniture, white with a dash of dusky pink, oversized curtains that take over the room and a fluffy covered stool, painted wire coat hangers that have been twisted about and turned into candle holders.

    or sleek minimalist approach japanese style beige walls with black furniture, ya new rug ... in RED of course a bonzai tree and a trendy little tray filled with sand and a mini rake on a coffee table that is surrounded by big cushions, and matchstick blinds.

    :?: :?: :?: so, whats it to be then :LOL:
    you strike me as a shabby chic kinda peson NOT... :p
  9. Today i feel like a normal person.
  10.  Top
  11. rocketeer wrote

    yeaaaah, i think you're alone with that thought mate :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:

    caz wrote

    well, i've gone from disqusting old dusty, smelly, vomit proof wall papper house, to very nice flat.

    i bought new rustic coffee table [its very cool] that goes with my rustic dining table.

    the theme is wood/ log cabbin.

    i have a chrome bar with glass ware and booze at end of dining table [looks HOT!] the parimetre [excluding doorways] has light wood low shelf that holds the odd book and guitar. there's a rustic light wood african face figure on my dinner table with flowers and my electric quitar in the corner. the rug is bamboo.

    im soooo happy about finally living in a nice environment instead of the shit hole i moved out of.


  12. New rug? It's growing back eh?
  13. :LOL: you beat me to it :p
  14. stump



    soooo, no one's going to joke about the fact it's made out of wood?
  15. Nah..... Now if it was made out of latex, then we'd have a whole new bunch of comments to make, gimp style.
  16. ^^OKEY DOKEY! :LOL:

    what's a gimp?
  17. Pulp Fiction.
  18. you know bluesuade i would do a MUCH better job than that!

    for starters, if i was going to replace the trolly wheels completely, i wouldnt put plastic wheel barrow wheels on!

    i'll show you! i'll show all of uz, you'll see!

    te he!

    zoooom----------------------> stump it up! :cool: