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Hhhmmm, GSXR1000 2007 or ZX-10R 2007?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by Espionage, Apr 23, 2008.

  1. I'm buying a second hand bike and I'm trying to decide between a 2007 Suzuki GSXR 1000 or a 2007 Kawasaki ZX-10R. I can get the ZX-10R for around $1500 cheaper than the Gixxer so I'm swaying towards that.

    Can anyone who owns either one of these bikes put there opinions of there bike...if you own one.

  2. $1500... Geez that'd sway me a fair bit too.

    I found the ZX10 to be too compact for me, it felt like a toy and you're right over the front wheel. You sit on top of it not settle into it. The GSX-R is more comfy, and I prefer the Suzuki's brakes and gearbox. Both have stupid amounts of power, both handle very nicely although the seating position on the Suzuki made me feel more comfortable in the corners. Purely personal there.

    I never pushed either, although I did take the ZX10 through the spur at a half decent clip. It was great fun, but spending even 1 minute stuck behind a car doing 60 and not committed to one thing or another made my wrists and neck hurt.

    I'd encourage you to ride a fireblade as well, so far that's the best bike out there for my tastes - the brakes in particular really shine, and they're around for cheap too.

    Furthermore, get a woolly bull up ya. :)
  3. Buy them all ... BUY THEM ALL

    Sorry I can't really help you until I get some help for myself.

    Good luck
  4. Picture092-1.

    Both are shit.

    Dont waste your money on garbage.

    Worth your while to save a lil more & buy quality :wink:

  5. Don't listen to MG, he hasn't had his morning cup of coffee. :LOL:

    I haven't ridden the Ninja, but the few minutes I spent on the K7 GSXR thou made me realise that they are a serioulsy nice bike. I found the position to be not too demanding, with exception of my boot heels being tucked neatly up my arse - but I think you'll get that on most modern sports bikes.

    Personally I'd go the GSXR, it has been voted no 1 by many people, my guess is that it's for a reason and those reasons cost a little. They sound amazing with twin micron c/fibre cans too.
  6. Undertail exhausts are ugly, that's all there is to know about those two bikes. :LOL:

    The zx10 is heavier on the steering at low speed than the gixxer, which around town will be far more evident.

    Gixxer for me, and not just coz I've got one :grin:
  7. Nice Pic MG ... is that on the Peninsula ? Looks a bit like arthurs seat, but it's too close to shore.
  8. I didn't know there was a surf beach there. :shock: :p
  9. :LOL: :LOL: smartass :p
  10. yes the standard pipes aren't particularly popular, but you can always do something about that :wink:

    I've had the 10 for 5 months here is my opinions

    Power - Awesome, coming from my 250 the thing is mental, take the time to rediscover your right wrist all over again. 5 months on its still brown trouser time.......but so much fun.

    Handling - All I can say is CHANGE THE TYRES!!! once again, coming from the 250 the stock tyres felt stable at speed, I figured the slower handling was coz the bike is bigger etc. Then I fitted a set of Pirelli Diablo Corsa III's and WOW! I can now keep up with my mate on his K7 GSXR750 through the tight stuff (25kph corners).

    Looks - Kind of a love/hate thing here, some like the exhausts, some change em :grin: I've never had anything but complements.
  11. Yeah, buy an '08! :LOL: :p

    Seems Kawasaki agree with me................ :wink: :p
  12. From the pics i've seen on the net, I hated the look of the 08 compared to the 07......

    Until last week when I put mine in for service and seen one in the flesh :twisted: My god the thing in black was sex. Just goes to show, never make up your mind from internet photos.
    That said, i'm not a fan of the green on the 08, it just don't "fit" & the stock exhaust is fugly, too trumpet-like for me.
  13. I do know the photo was taken on one of our poker runs.
    Too pissed to remember the day, let alone the location.
  14. Go the Fireblade. 16k ride away at my local shop for a brand new 07 model. Thats cheaper than the 08 600's. :eek:

    Although I do like the look of the ZXR's and they are a lot of bike for the price.
  15. If you can't get a new 600 under $16k you aint trying hard enough! :wink:
  16. Hi bud

    Don't get me wrong bud. The ZX10R is a kick arse bike. Theres
    23 pages of discussion on shit we've done to em to date.
    Only reason I've done work on mine is because I've been
    without a license 9 of the last 12mths so I've had f*ckall use.

    I got mine brand new for $7000 odd 13 months ago now.

    A bikes a bike & with the litre sports these days, they all provide you
    with more than you can make use of.

    For this reason I've never seen the need to ever talk it up.

    Sole reason I'd choose the Ninja over the Gixxer is looks only.

    If you still want to call me, xxxx xxx xxx.


    <edit> Mob now removed.
  17. i was watching the drags on the weekend, and the zx10r absolutely smoked the gsxxxxxxxxxxxixxixxixxer. was fun to watch.
  18. how'd the blade go? :LOL:
  19. Kawasaki always make engines that seem to have bucketloads of power. I rode the K7 and it was meh compared to the ZX10. The K7 is definitely more comfortable though. The 10 does give you that semi kind of cramped feel.

    I used to own an 05 and rode to and from work (i.e. Melb to Stawell Gold Mine) every 4 days. Wasn't too bad but I agree with Loz, as soon as you're stuck behind someone, or in traffic you start to notice!
  20. I'm gonna ride one next week when I have time (bike was offered yesterday but I was in the car with no gear :evil: ) Will let you know how it goes, this one has an aftermarket pipe already and I discussed with the salesman retro fitting GSXR mirrors with integrated blinkers also. From a shop sit though, the seat is rather hard and rather square, seemed to dig into my legs a bit.