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Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Blabber the awesome, Jun 23, 2010.

  1. HI to all ,couple of mates recomended this place to me,one even gave me the link.
    Im riding a Ducati and am not gay.Looking forward to being part of this place.
    I'm a believer of Rule #1


  2. welcome in mate, what city u from?
  3. I will update my profile , but im not in yours.
  4. HiDee HoDee & Welcome
  5. blabber - you're hilarious.

    self-righteous maybe, but hilarious! welcome :D
  6. Hello (forgot your name),I'm not a hairy arse.
    And not not righteous, im not even close,im just a grumpy old **** .
    Thanks for your concern,but really, im OK.
    cheers BTA
  7. The stars spell out (we know what it spells out mate)
  8. G'day Blabber, funny intro mate ;) Welcome to Netrider and enjoy the forums.
  9. Hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii Blabber! It will be fun to see your special brand of awesome at work.
  10. welcome aboard buddy. grumpy old ****s welcome here. look forward to chattin' wid ya.
  11. As per our discussion,I'm a cranky old **** , and your an **** retentive mod.
    Never the twain shall meet.
    Swearing is an Aussie tradition, get over it Net riddaz.
    But i shall move on ,
    BTA-getting his d's mixed up with g's,and his r's mixed up with n's.
  12. Welcome Blabba!
  13. You can mention anal here mate just not **** or **** as the auto censor censors it.
    I can't help being anal I'm greek.
  14. So 1/2 an inch makes a difference.
    Anyway,intros over-onwards and upwards.
    Anal jokes coming to a thread near you.
  15. Your awesomeness is yet to be proved, Blabber, but you're welcome anyway.

  16. Hear, hear brother (y)
  17. What's rule number 1?
  18. Don't crash.
  19. Ah. Ok.
  20. not that there's anything wrong with that