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Heyo from Sydney

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Siwagod, Mar 4, 2013.

  1. Hey folks,

    Stumbled upon here while watching tastyhamsandwhiches videos as he recommended the board.

    Spent most of my youth riding dirt bikes in the country and have wanted a road bike since my cousin got his CBR600 when I was like 6 years old.

    Have had everything ready to get my bike 3 times before, but in each instance something major has come up which has caused me to delay the purchase.

    My brother in law rides, my cousins, boss and a number of friends so I'm glad to finally be joining the group.
    Friend of mine is selling his 2012 Hyosung GT650 for 4 grand. With only 3,000km on the clock I thought there was no better time to grab what I've always wanted.

    I'll be picking it up this week.

    Guess I better go get my bike licence haha...

    Hope to see you out on the road!

    Safe riding. :D
  2. Welcome mate! Will we be seeing you at the learners session down in Homebush? (y)
  3. Thanks mate :D

    Is that the forum learner events ham was talking about in his vids? He said you guys hold regular days where you take all the learners out for a cruise.

    I live in Dundas Valley, just near Epping/Parra North, so Homebush is just down the road for me.
  4. just buy my kawasaki zzr 250 for $1,200 mate....save yourself the hassle of owning a hyosung :p

    (I KNOW....SHAMELESS PROMOTION GUYS SHUTUP....sick of seeing that bloody bike in my carport now just gets in the way of the zxr :p )

    welcome by the way bloke.
  5. Haha thanks crisis.

    Yeah I've done years of reading and heard so many tales of all kinds of learner bikes, many about the Hyos. Tbh I'd like a GS500 or an SV650, but in spite of all the horror stories about the Hyos, I still like them.

    I really want to avoid 250s. I'm 6'3" and near 100kg. I've ridden friends Honda and Ninja 250s before and I'm just cramped on them. Plus even after half hour of messing around on them, I can tell I would quickly out grow them. I do a huge amount of freeway travel as my girlfriend lives an hour and a half away, as does my family, so I don't think I could handle being on a 250 for more than a week.

    Also the Hyo means I can de-restrict it if I choose to when I get my full licence, or sell it on for near what I paid, as his bike with those kms on it sells for 6ish grand. He's giving it to me for 4 because he owes me money, and he needs dosh quickly.
  6. honestly....i'm sure most people would agree man that you could pick up a nice example of a gs500 for the 4k region and i'd advise that anyday - by all means i truly wish you the best of luck if you get the hyo - maybe test ride a GS or SV and then the hyo and find which one you feel most comfortable on - it's your first bike...you'll probably either drop it or get sick of it soon enough regardless so don't purchase solely on looks....focus on how comfortable you feel on it.

    with your weight yeah i can understand you wanting to avoid the 250's...im pushing 65kgs on a bad day....so the zzr did me fine for 500km + trips
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  7. Yer.. I was going to say something about the Hyo choice.. but me being me.. I didnt :p

    Just to note, you might be ok on it.. but there was one guy re-doing his P's test on the same bike for the 3rd time when I was re-doing mine and he'd failed again.. he has the road skill, but couldn't get the slow manouvering.. just food for thought..

    Oh, and yes - the sessions are the same that ham's talking about..
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  8. Welcome mate,

    The thread for Homebush practice is:


    Just read the first post once and then jump to the end as Saturday gets closer there'll be more posts from people saying whether they'll be there or not.

    Although, once you know where it is and how it's set up you can go anytime you'll just have to take your own witches hats ;)

    Ummm ... and ... ummm, *cough*, *cough* if you really want a gs500 I could sell you one that's only about 10 weeks old for a measly $6k :p
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  9. #9 Siwagod, Mar 4, 2013
    Last edited: Mar 4, 2013
    Thanks for the words of advice. I know I'm taking a pretty big gamble with the Hyo, but I'd feel like a complete tosser if I suddenly turned around now and went "Nah I don't want your bike." He's a good guy and could really use the money.

    If it's any consolation, he has had zero problems with it in the the 3,000km he's ridden it, so here's hoping he didn't get a botched model.

    That is oh so tempting wag hahaha but unfortunately my budget won't stretch past $5k atm. 4 for the bike and another grand for a jacket, pants, gloves and boots (have my helmet). I'd rather spend a couple grand on gear, but finances are already pressed. I'll have to upgrade asap.

    I have ridden the Hyo up his street and I do like the feel of it, though I can't compare this to a GS as I have not ridden the 500.
    I think I'll just have to cross my fingers with it, burn through my L's and such, then trade her in for my dream of a Gixxer :D

    My aim eventually is a 1000R. But being on a gix600 would be like Christmas. I'm in no rush though, I plan on learning as much as I can on the less powerful bikes.

    As soon as I get her, I'll cruise down to join you guys at the meet! Can't wait.

    EDIT: Oh I also forgot, my dad was an engineering officer in the Navy and owned his own Helicopter factory, plus my brother in law can fix anything and my mate is a mechanic with 20+ years experience. So HOPEFULLY, any minor problems we come across on the Hyo can be sorted asap.
    I'm mainly just expecting electrical issues first up.
  10. Haha np just kidding really as gs500s had been mentioned thought I'd throw that in. Since getting it I've become a bit interested in the new Honda 500s that are coming out soon ;)

    Sounded like you had already committed anyway.

    I'm no bike guru myself but certainly the hyos parked on the street in sydney cbd look pretty good to me.

    Sounds like you got the mechanic side sorted.

    See you at Homebush one Saturday maybe.
  11. See you there ;)

    You'll have to let me have a sit on your GS to show me what I'm missing hahaha (y)
  12. Welcome to NR.
  13. My opinion is its a bit of an old ladies bike tbh ... but there are many web posts suggesting its a great learners model which is one reason I got it.
  14. Siwagod,

    You can't go past a GS500 Suzi, they do everything bloody well. My son had one as his learner bike and he used it for a fair while and on a number of rides with sports bikes and he had no trouble keeping up. But the late models hyosungs are OK; wouldn't buy an early one as their a piece of sh....

    Anyway for $4K is a good buy if the Hyosung is is good condition and it suits you. You can upgrade as money allows.
  15. Welcome to NR (y)

    That should stand you in good stead but to be able to be fully self sufficient in all of your hyo servicing needs, you also want a mate who manufactures rubber bands... and possibly cable ties.:p
  16. My housemate owns a factory where he manufactures shades and sails. I'm sure we could MacGyver something together :D
  17. gonna need some duct tape then
  18. at least you're going into this eye's wide open and know the reputation of what you have purchased. would be really bad to think that you had something that was the ducks nuts only to find out later that it was just bollocks.

    wishing you many km's of trouble free riding
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  19. as I said earlier, the later model Hyos are OK. You should end up with a bike that will get you through your 'L's and possibly 'P's and then you can grab a real bike.
  20. Thanks a lot Viscera.

    And yeah that's really all I can wish for Bandit.
    My dream bike has always been a 1000R Gix. Pretty generic dream bike I guess, but something about it has always been gorgeous to me. A friend of mine and old boss has a K9 one and it's just incredible.
    So currently I'll be aiming for a GSX 600R for my first real bike, so long as nothing else catches my eye beforehand.

    I've already been very impressed with the Z750 and the Hornet, so who knows, maybe I'll end up on one of them. I must admit I do love naked bikes.