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Heyhey it's me: - Intro

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' at netrider.net.au started by Instigator, Aug 3, 2006.

  1. Hi Guys just doing the intro post thingy,
    Mate found this forum for me and I signed up with much excitement (mainly because it's one of the few sites the proxy at work lets me get to :p)
    Anyway I'm 24, live in Penrith in western Sydney and love my bikes...
    I owned a RM125 as a teenager, had an ex-fiance with a XR250 and GS500 that I used to ride regularly and have my own pocket bike that sees the track at Butterfly farm fairly regularly. I test rode a VFR400 on Sunday and am now in the process of looking for my own bike.
    So yeah basically just saying g'day and introducing my self... I'll post pics of my new ride when I get it.
    Any info or suggestions on my choice of bike??? I'm looking to spend ~4k and was interested in a 600 or 750 and am yet to ride one but the performance of the 400 wasn't too far behind a CBR600 that *cough* I followed on the way back to the dealership :wink:

  2. Welcome to Netrider and I hope you'll be the instigator of good things here. :grin:
  3. Welcome to the forums Instigator! :grin:
  4. welcome to the forums.. :grin:
  5. Welcome along for the ride. Nice to see another westie join up :wink:
    Good luck with the bike hunt
  6. welcome aboard mate.

    the VFR400's are a nice looking bike, gotta love the single swing arm.
  7. I read the title of this thread and clicked on it thinking that DARYL SOMERS had joined Netrider........ but he didn't.

    The Pup.
  8. 1 newbie to another, welcome.
    these guys on the whole are pretty damn good
  9. Welcome Instigator

    You can always come along to el Rancho Hotel on Epping Rd 16/8 and talk bikes for a couple fo hours.

  10. :shock: Thanks guys :grin:
    I am in shock at the goodwill and non-spam/abuse posts on here. I've been browsing for about a week before joining and I've struggled to see any of the usual my e-wang is bigger than your's and flaming etc that goes on in some of the other forums I'm a member of.
    Unfortunately I had some goons break into my car at work two nights ago and they stole my KBC helmet, Progrip goggles, leather jacket, jeans and gloves but I heard today that someone was arrested so hopefully I can get some of my stuff back.
    I'm hoping to be on two wheels in the next month or so and if work permits would definately be interested in catching up with some other bikers be it for coffee or to talk bikes. I'm not all that clued up about bikes but I've got a basic idea from working on cars and the pocket bike.
    Do most of you guys spin your own spanners???
    I'd be looking to do as much as I could re servicing etc myself just as I've done with the pocket/my car/mates cars.
    I've completely stripped and rebuilt the pocket and done numerous engine swaps on my friends jap turbo cars...
    Stupid things keep blowing up if only I could steer them towards bikes haha :?
  11. Welcome - to where the inmates rule.
  12. gday m8 and welcome

    Cheers :cool:
  13. I'm a lazy rider and get my dealer to do servicing, but I've been tinkering with vehicles of all sorts for 40 years or more.

    We will be having a Spanner Day soon, too; even if you don't have your bike by then, you should come along and meet and greet, and watch as we muck up someone else's bike :LOL:
  14. When IS the new date for the spanner day...?
  15. Welcome to the madhouse :LOL:

    Just give it time... You'll find some pretty heated debate goes on but you don't get much really personal abuse at all. (well, maybe a little :wink: )

    By the way, if you really want to abuse anyone, feel free to abuse the following:

    dazza (careful - he bites :LOL: )
    eswen (or whatever she's called this week) :LOL:
    BMWs (even though its all lies - we can take it) :LOL:
  16. Spanner day sounds good...
    Scrambles are you in the riff as well???
  17. Well bit of an update I got a bike last week.
    It's an 85 ZXR600A. Needing a bit of work at the moment. The wheels and carbies go down to the bike shop tomorrow while I paint the fairings and get the seat retrimmed then put it all back together, get a service and rego her. So I shall be seeing you all on the road shortly :D:D:D