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Heya's from Melbourne

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by raband, Jan 10, 2013.

  1. Hey all,

    Thought I'd better drop in and say hello.

    Sort of New Years resolution/xmas present I pulled the bike out of storage, chucked a fresh battery in it and sent it off for a roady and rego (3 years off it after a slight drop at the same time rego was due, followed by unrelated back issues and surgery left the bike neglected).

    So, it's off at the shop getting life back into it at the moment. Hopefully ready before the weekend, but then I need an appointment with VicRoads to get the rego stamped. - it's starting to give me an itchy throttle wrist :) To make matters worse I picked up my new helmet this afternoon and I'm sure I'm going to wear out the visor from opening and closing it before it even gets on the road lol. At least the padding will be nicely bedded in for my first ride.

    I'm sure there's a few names here from 10-15 years ago when I used to frequent the ausmoto newsgroup and IRC when I had my Blackbird (I think raband or rabxx would have been my screen names back then??) and am pretty sure I joined up here when the site started (but for the life of me I can't remember what email I would have used to sign up - I vaguely recall the site having a domain name change or something so that may be where I lost my details)

    Anyway - looking forward to frequenting the forums here and hopefully seeing some of you out and about. Just need to cross my fingers and hope the ZX14 forgives me the years of neglect (non-riding, not abuse) it's gone through and that the cobwebs get blown out of my system quicksmart.
  2. Welcome! :woot: As you can see this is all a little bit fancier than IRC hehe
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  3. Welcome back to 2 wheels :)
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  4. Thanks guys.

    Starting to get real motivated waiting to get the bike back.

    Got a temp permit to take it to the shop and the run to get fuel and give it a wash and the cruise to the bike shop reminded me how long it had been. Definitely some renewing of skills to be built up.
  5. Welcome back, in both senses.

    Take it easy on the throttle for a little while, eh?
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  6. Yeah - isn't the first time I've gone back to riding after an extended time off the bike. I know how rusty I felt after even a few weeks off the bike (probably more noticeable than months off the bike where you don't notice the change as much).

    Will be some nice quiet cruising for a while.
  7. fcuk me.... you look familiar. You old fart. Been a while since we caught up too
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  8. Lol - the riff raff they let in here.

    Definitely need to catch up soon - up for a run in the coming weeks or is the new car getting more priorities?
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  9. Speak for yourself... I was gonna say the same thing

    Yeah for sure... Bike is a little unloved while I was out of the state
  10. Booked in for rego at vicroads on Thursday :)