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Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' at netrider.net.au started by BlueEyedBaby, Nov 27, 2007.

  1. Hello!
    Im a chic from Adelaide. Im very interested in obtaining my motorbike license, probably going to book the Ridersafe (basic) course in January.
    Was thinking about a scooter, however after lurching in the forums I am seriously considering a bike.
    I have a nice car that I hardly drive, as parking at my workplace in the CBD is just a pain in the bum! Ive wanted to get my motorbike license for a long time, and having just acheived a few things in my life, I think its time i go about it!
    Hope everyone has had a great day

  2. Welcome,
    And good luck with the license, best thing I have done in a long time.
  3. Hi and welcome =0)
  4. Thanks guys!
    Yeah, im a bit excited. Hoping i dont make too much of a bum of myself at the course!
    Im sure I'll be reading all the tips before I go. So much info on here!
  5. I thought I saw you bumping into other forum users the other day :wink:
    Seriously though, welcome to NR and yeah, go the bike! You'll love it. Good luck with your course.
  6. What can I say? Long day at work... lurching was prob closer to the truth than lurking!!!
    Got an early shift tomorrow. Grah.
    Thanks for the welcome!
  7. Welcome to the new order BlueEyedBaby. A Chick from Adelaide hey! No more procrastination on the license just DO!! :LOL:
  8. Good luck with the licence, you need to just book it then your locked in. I tell this to everyone I know and once they do it they think why it took them so long before.

    JUST DO IT!!!!! :grin:
  9. good luck on the licence and welcome
  10. I rang up to find out how booked out they are... The reason Im leaning to Jan is that its just after my bday (and xmas, new years, etc.) and Im actually on holidays for a month, which means I wont feel guilty spending some time on 'me' things. Haha.
    Thanks for the welcomes!

    And _joel_, 'sup witchu?
  11. Beat me to it by quite a margin :LOL:.

    Welcome, and I hope things go well for your plans.
  12. Welcome to NR.. :grin:
  13. welcome to the site and deffinatly go the bike over a scooter... I don't think we'll be able to be friends if you ride a scooter :p
  14. Haha AshR1.

    Was talking to someone at worked that mentioned they were traveling via scooter. Told her I was interested in getting the license, and was interested in getting myself something with two wheels. She advised a bike over scooter (which i had kinda already decided on). Bearing in mind her scootz was a 50cc, and she hasnt got her mb license.

    So yeah, kinda sure Im leaning towards a motorbike. :LOL: Wish January would come faster!
  15. hehe that's good news :)

    what's happening in Jan?
  16. Attempting my mb L's :grin:
    And time off mainly!! Got January off. Got plans for Jan :)
    Will also be after my bday, xmas, ny and stuff like that.

    You doing anything exciting over the holiday season?
  17. yeah all over the place, though I get to take my new toy with me ;)

    Bendigo weekend before christmas (still not sure if I'm working the monday) then going to melbourne for christmas day with family then morninton Boxing day for recover at my uncles (everyone is heading there on the wednesday) then possibly work thursday friday, but if not 5 days in Mornington