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Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by JS, Dec 13, 2006.

  1. heya all,
    some of you might know me, but i am going to post a hello to you all. I do not currently have a bike nor a license but do ride with friends. i take quite a few photos as seen here.. alot of them are taken of bikes and people.


  2. Welcome JS.

    Love those pics, they're really something. I didn't realise how good those neons/LEDs look in bikes. :cool:
  3. yea welcome. :grin:
  4. Welcome JS.
  5. Welcome JS. I think we all got distracted by your photos!
  6. thanks for the welcomes guys and gals. i am currently in the process of decking myself out in gear before getting my license back.. :D
  7. Hi JS and welcome :grin:
  8. Heya JS. That first pic of the CBR is killer :wink:
  9. Welcome to NR JS :grin:
  10. Hey JS,

    You sure you dont ride? with those awesome pics shared with us, I bet you'd be an awesome rider as well. This pics make you want to ride even more. Thanks dude!!! :wink:
  11. yeah i dont ride, i got into bikes by friends and never looked back. i dont ride at the moment as i have lost my license..get it back in september :D
    in the mean time, i play on my pocket bike..lol
  12. Welcome JS. yeah those pics are such a distraction from this thread.