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Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' at netrider.net.au started by hallmar, Apr 4, 2013.

  1. Hey all, just registered after reading the content in NR for the last few weeks.

    Older guy with a renewed passion for bikes . .I used to do local MX back in the late 70's early 80's then the wife, house children part of my life came along and I never really moved back into the bike scene. Then in '10 along came a family member that wanted to sell an 03 SV650 cheap, I said yep and it has started :)

    Off my P's in 4 days with a pristine 07 RSV1000R in the garage ready to go, I'm like a cat on a hot tin roof . . literally

    Being an old mechanic, I couldnt just let it sit there untouched, so pulled the panels off the bike and saw what makes it tick, fitted an R/R to try to help the 'alleged' dodgy electrics work and bled the brakes and clutch.

    This seems a great place to stop and chat so I'll pop in most days and see whats happening .. might even head to Sydney for one of the organised rides when I can

    Cheers, Mark
  2. Welcome Mark. A bit of a trip around Mt Panorama as a warm up :)
  3. welcome, damn shame your first come back toy is so slooooooo lol ;) enjoy, be careful, wanna read about your come back experiences
  4. Yea mate it'll be on my 'to do' list on monday for sure . . wish the speed limit was a bit more than 60kph though
  5. Ahah yea a bit quicker than what I'm used to .. I'll be taking it easy for a fair while . .I'm off to Berry on the 13th for 2 days so that should sort out any kinks or cramps that may be laying dormant in this old body

    Thanks for the welcome's (y)
  6. have the panadol handy for the aches n pains lol, you'll sleep well till you get ride fit again
  7. Welcome!
    My Dad's family is from Bathurst, so unlike most Melbournites I can at least pronounce it! ;)
    There's some real nice rides out towards Sofala, but they're not fast rides, and the road up to Kandos is interesting as well, but watch out for the quarry trucks.
  8. lol goddie, the panadol is a welcome sight at times for sure . .I went down to the WSBK on the SV650 last year and made use of it a coupla times. And yea I havnt ridden a sportsbike for 6 months due to the SV being an earlier, non LAMS model. I have been on my sons GS500 a coupla times to keep 'my eye in' so to speak

    Yea Dark (or do I shorten your name to Angel?) most people extend the 'r' but us locals just say Bath-ust

    I've ridden most of the roads round here, that sofala run then up to Bylong a few times as well and had a ball . . My favourite is through to Rockly/Black Springs / Jenolan Caves then home via Lithgow or Oberon. Taralga is another great ride

    Where do you head from Cowra to have some corner lovin ??
  9. Just DA (dee ay) is common ... or "Mick" if you prefer.

    I dropped one of my bikes coming up out of the Jenolan Caves area years back. No damage but had cars leaning on their horns at me to get out of the way. I got a tad worked up and lifted the bike clear off the ground when I tried to stand it up, but pulled something in my neck for my trouble. All the muscles went into spasm and I spent a week in a neck brace. Damn thing still acts up from time to time.

    There seems to be a lower than average number of d-bags on this forum so I might even an actual photo and name ... or something. ;)