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heya there from the blue mts

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by vicksplat, Feb 18, 2008.

  1. gday there fellow netriders and netridettes;

    just wishing to give a shout out to all you smart good-looking (of course!) bike-loving people .... i'm so excited to finally join the elite!

    well, i hail from the scenic heights of the mid-upper blue mountains (in amongst and through the fog) and am a proud and almost unworthy owner of a funky green triumph street triple (it's admittedly better-looking than myself, even on my good-hair days). i ride as much as i can, but as always, never enough.

    always on the lookout for fellow like-minded bike nutters in and around the mountains & sydney, so if you're up for a blat around the place i'm more than keen to say hello!

    well that's me in a hypo-allergenic nutshell ... looking forward to meeting you all!

  2. Welcome, oh erudite mountain-dweller :).
  3. Welcome aboard Vicksplat your just up the road from me I'm new to the netrider clan too so we will have to make the pilgrimage to join the rides together
  4. ahh heya there vfr800 ! what a friendly netrider housewarming greeting! likewise said, looking forward to meeting up and doing some well-justified riding around the place and everywhere!

    and yes, that is me muttering "oh bugger damn this driveway" as i skilfully master the art of the twenty-seven-point turn in my narrow garage
  5. heya vicksplat,
    welcome, *i heard there's a lota hotties in ur area? ;)
  6. 'elite' :shock:
    Girl .. You have been misinformed :LOL:
    Our warm welcome is a cover-up just to keep you in the door long enough for us to secure you to the nearest post and feed you bread and water, whilst we molest your bike :eek:hno:

    Seriously .. Welcome Aboard
  7. Geez, come on guys give the girl a break. Just one boot in the door & you've already got plans for her parts (bike parts that is) :p

    Welcome aboard Vicksplat & as you can already see we are a mad lot.
    I'm down the hill in Penrith, so anytime you're headin this direction give us a hoi.

    Don't worry about the 27point turn in your garage, I have the same prob but have to reverse mine in....sux.

    Have a great day anyway & hope to see you about soon.

  8. what a warm and consoling thought ... :shock:

    i think i've found my long lost family in you guys! :p

    thanks again and i'm all eager beaver to become "at one" with you mad bunch .... speaking of mad, anyone catch the glenbrook gnome convention recently?
  9. Welcome aboard Vicksplat from another newbie netrider.

    Was up your way on the weekend (in the 'cage' with wife and kids) thinking how I should've been on the bike instead.

    Congrats on the ST, they're a very sweet looking ride.