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Heya ---- new rider just saying hi

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by al77, Feb 10, 2006.

  1. Hey all...... just thought I'ld intro myself.

    Got my L's 2 weeks ago and just picked up my new bike about 30 min ago. Suzuki GSF250V.

    Shat myself riding home in peak hour from the city, but never the less had loads of fun. It seemed so much easier at H.A.R.T. when there was nothing trying to hit you.

    Just gotta get the practice up and hopefully will see some of you on a ride day in the near future.

  2. Well hello and goodonya Alex

    Welcome to Netriders, GRoberts will be along shortly to tell you all about coffee nights :wink:

    Well done riding your bike back in peak hour, bet that got the heartbeat up a bit :shock:

  3. Indeed, welcome the the BFG (Best Forum Going)!!!

    Pop along to coffee and meet the rest of the maniacs!
  4. Hey mate, how did it it go last Tuesday?
  5. It was GOOD, about a dozen people came along!
  6. Catch ya Alex, & take care while ya havin fun out there :)
  7. Hello & welcome.
  8. Hi Alex, welcome to the forum. I remember the first ride in peak hour as well.. :shock:
  9. welcome to the boards, riding the bike gets easier, but the bastards still try to hit ya.....
  10. Welcome to the wonderful world of netrider, just get out there and ride as much as you can...
  11. Welcome, enjoy the new bike... have fun :)
  12. congrats
    as iffa said check the rides and events section for friday night coffee.

    if you are still a bit unsure about riding in post a few days earlier and meet up with someone out that way and they can escort you in
  13. Sounds good. As soon as i'm confortable to with battling traffic, I'll be at those coffee nights and other events for sure.

  14. Howdy & welcome to netrider :)
  15. welcome mate. I reckon this is a really great place to get advice.
  16. Welcome and congratulations on the L's and new bike. :)