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Heya guys, soon to be convert?

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' at netrider.net.au started by sixthsense, Oct 28, 2006.

  1. Hi guys,

    From the northern beaches, not riding just yet, but the desire is there and am wary of being hooked, as I hear the numerous exclamations of how wonderous the world of motorcyling can be, at the moment what began with a heavy interest in motorsports having been as my friend put it, ruined, having introduced me to the world of track/circuit days in the car early this year, its been a fantastic way to learn and obviously develop experience and handling in general but at the same time terribly impractical in terms of cost involved as one tries to go that half second faster. But what started as getting a good helmet seeing as I valued my head, although not necessary as I was told in an enclosed car, I decided to pay that little bit more, and grab that Shoei! Seeing as though I was now hooked! So i'm already a quarter of the way there in terms of gear, not that it was really a thought in my mind at the time, but as time has progressed, and my want to go through corners fast has developed, I somehow have picked up this massive desire for getting a motorbike! Not that I even knew why my friend was getting so excited over a 'GsxR' in the shop when we were checking out helmets?

    Anyhow here I am, when I hear the roar of an exhaust scream past my heart rate picks up that little bit more as I look to find an R1 scream past me :p my quick little sprints through Mt White recently, give me a chance to get that little closer to not only hear and oggle at them in action!

    Anyway to make a short post long, this desire has been steadily building over the last few months, through lots of TwoWheel magazine and online reading which brings me to hear! As I've looking into getting that first learners/doing the pre learners, also mentioned, the reason I also wanted to take this route, I originally thought it would be a more cost effective way to have a taste of this sensation I'd been told of that was unlike anything else I could experience through a corner in the car, and with the other countless reasons, but number I have the desire to jump on and experience this first hand, though having gone through some of the beginner rider threads, it isnt as cheap as I had first hoped! Nonetheless, I was mentioning to some other riders out there, that every single one of my family/friend members have endeavoured to tell me not to go near this chosen form of transport, how dangerous it is etc etc this did cast some heavy doubt in my mind, but through some good reasoning I'd been told, for example had these people actually ridden? common sense prevailing, its as dangerous as one makes it for themselves, but I like to think I have some a good sense of my environment, and understand there are some terribly incompetent drivers out there oblvious to anything outside of their 4 wheeled 'cage', first things first, I will go for a pre learners in the near future and see how far this 'phase' may take me! Sorry to turn this intro into a short story, but figured it be worth a blab to get it out there! Phils the name by the way! I've seen a couple of names on the forum already that I recognise from elsewhere, and in fact introed me over here :p :)