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Heya from Melbourne ... another damn noobie

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Lloydie, Nov 6, 2007.

  1. Heya All,

    I had been riding a little 10 years or so ago ... just decided to try the bike commute to work here in Melbourne so did my learners last weekend and get the bike Thursday (All going well) looking forward to a few rides ... but is has been a while :) , maybe see a few of ya's Thursday mystery ride :grin:

    Seeya's around

    (No not the damn footballer :p )
  2. Welcome to NR.. :grin:
  3. Thank goodness for that :LOL:.

    Welcome to the fun of Netrider :).
  4. Forgot to mention the bike .... duh!

    I'm getting a gpx 250 .... Johnny O assures me it'll be a good bike ..... I sure hope so lol
  5. Can you not get a 250 for three months and then go straight to a full license, as here in NSW? (over 30 years old).
  6. Nope well not according to info I have had ... min 3 months learners and 12 months restricted regardless of age :(
  7. Damn. Move to NSW. Easy :LOL:.
  8. Correct. Well until mid year anyway.

    Welcome to NR Lloydie, glad you are not the Bombers Full Forward.
  9. Welcome to NetRiders - no football required!
  10. :wink: welcome Lloydie, just a tip you should update yr netrider member profile to include what state u r in that way if you have to ask questions about road laws etc. people can answer knowing what state u live in.

    welcome to the club. cheers
  11. Thank you all

    Heya all again,

    Thank you all for your warm welcomes ... location updated :)
  12. Not sure if ive been here long enough to welcome you -
    But welcome, il be going to the thursday ride, so see ya there.