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Heya all, another newbie!

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by mag, Oct 14, 2005.

  1. Hey all, just joined netrider a few days ago and thought I'd introduce myself and say hello.

    I've had my learners for a while now and have been hanging to get a bike. So last week, with no disregard of everyone telling me I'm gonna die, i decided to get out of the 'thinking' stage and went bought a nice little black 99 Honda VTR 250 :) .

    Then I went on a shopping spree and bought a KBC helmet, leather jacket, gloves, draggins and Oxtar boots... very happy with these too btw. Gonna invest in a some back and knee armor soon I think.

    The bike was running pretty crap when I got it, having flat spots, so I decided a major service was needed. Having previously worked on cars and helped rebuild a bike, I changed the plugs, air cleaner, oil/filter and darined the tank and now the little thing runs awsome.
    Couldn't help it, I also went and bought a staintune can and now we're all set :D . The bike goes really well and is enjoyable to ride. I'd recommend it to any new rider. Having come from a high powered rotary turbo(massive turbo setup), its not the fastest thing out there, but takes of really well, and easily pulls away from the traffic, And did I mention, a blast to ride!

    Been riding flat out for the past few days trying to learn as much as I can and man has it been fun. I've also booked for my licence test so should be good.

    I look forward to coming on some rides, I'm in the Eastern Suburbs, Burwood East area so if someone wants to go for a ride gimmie a yell. I do work pretty messed up hours though, so I'll probably miss out on the upcoming cruises.

    Later guys

  2. Welcome Mag!!

    Jeez you don't do things by half eh! Got everything in one go :D
    Giving the beast a service straight up is the best thing to do, now you know exactly when the next service is due, and you've got a lot more knowledge about the bike.

    Hope you enjoy netriders, generally a good bunch here.

    (might be a bit slow here over this weekend, a lot of gone to the race... Lucky b@st@rds)

  3. Welcome man! enjoy your sweet ride :)
  4. Welcome MAg. Good to see ya jumping straight in there! :)
  5. G'day mag!!
    Is the vtr250 the one with the trellis frame?
  6. Welcome to the madness Mag.

    Safe riding and have fun on your new steed! :)

  7. kudos on your choice of bike :)

    even more kudos on getting a staintune for it :D

    speaking from experience it makes riding the 'baby storm :LOL:' a whole lot more fun
  8. upright is good dude. same with the bike... that counts if your movin it too!

    bike sounds sweet...

    good people here on Netrider.

    Great luck! :wink:
  9. Thanks for the welcomes guys :D
    Randy_rider the frame is the same as all late model vtr250s I'm guessing.
    Man I wish i wasn't working all weekend grrrrrr, I already having withrawal symptoms. :p
  10. Hi mag , welcome :D .
  11. Hey Mag, and welcome!
    AND Hi midnight, ya gotta change the sig, man!!!