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Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by bennyballbag, Apr 15, 2007.

  1. hey guys, new member here. im on my L's at teh moment but im going for my P's next weekend. i ride a 89 fzr 250

  2. g/day benny(scrotum) lmao welcome to da Family !!
  3. Hi benny the ball (an old Top Cat fan, perhaps?)

    Welcome to the madness; why don't you put your location in your profile so us NSW riders don't give you a lot of useless advice since you're in Victoria, or whatever? :).
  4. thats probly a good idea hornet, lol.
  5. Heya Benny and welcome! Grats on getting your L's and hope you are lovin the 2 wheels!
  6. im loving it so far mate, ive only been on one decent ride that was about 100k's but ive done a few small ones aswell. as soon as ive got 5 posts ill add a pic of my fzr.
  7. Welcome to the site :)
  8. thanks for the welcome
  9. im going for my P's on saturday at H.A.R.T in tullamarine. woohoo caNT WAIT. :grin:
  10. best wishes....
  11. i got my P's yesterday, woohoo :grin:
  12. woo hoo for you.....well done.....congratulations
  13. Yay an FZR, I have one too a 93 3LN2!
  14. thanks, it was a good day but it took the first few hours getting used to the cb250 i used, its alot different to my fzr and then it started raining and we had to do the test in the rain. i think 5 out of 11 failed the test, but i passed so im happy :grin:
  15. Hi and Welcome :grin: