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Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by MonkeyMagic, Mar 7, 2007.

  1. Hi all,

    New rider saying hello.. pick up my zxr this friday (I know, they have there negatives and not many positives :grin:).

    Anyway, I cant wait to get out on some cruises and meet some of you.

    I also need some help on a jacket so if anyone has some input head on over to the bike accessories section!

    Thanks and safe riding. (p.s, sorry if someone already had this name)

  2. Hey Alex!

    Welcome to Netrider *cough Nutrider cough* :p

    Wow, you must be sooo pumped!!! Dont worry about justifying your choice of bike to anyone on here as its all about the fun of riding :grin:
    But we'll let you off this time :wink: jks :LOL:

    Anyway, if you're up for a fun ride, check out the thurs mystery ride thread. I and many others are there every thurs so dont be a stranger. Its learner friendly and everything is explained on the night.

    Take Care, Safe riding and we'll see you around :)

  3. That's only cos she ride a Hyosung :p

    Welcome monkeyMagic!! just remember what Tripitaka says: "Monkey! No violence!!" and you'll fit right in.

    *sings* born from an egg on a mountain top...
  4. Welcome.
    Great bikes those zxr250 are, bloody screamers! and with a top speed of 200km/h you can't go wrong!.
  5. Welcome Alex - your bike choice is fine, you don't have justify to anyone.
  6. Welcome MM. cya on the road :)
  7. Hehehe.

    I picked up my bike friday and woooohooooo. So so so so much fun.

    Its a cracker of joy, cant wait to get out on some cruises soon (will try to get out on the mystery cruise dj)

    Thanks and cya all around!

  8. Welcome Monkey Magic, I guess you are irrepressible????

    Hey Joel, 2222 posts !!! :LOL:
  9. Welcome Alex.
    Awesome bike - I almost bought one! Anyway, enjoy :)