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Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by csgup1, Oct 18, 2006.

  1. hey guys

    i finally signed up after visiting this site a few times.
    bought meself a 02 gsxr 600 about 4 months ago and i still cant get over how fast it is. the feeling still hasnt sunk in that the bike i own is faster than most cars that cost about half a million. still pack myself pretty much everytime i crack my wrist on it .

    newyas i live down wantirna south in melbourne. gimme a hey if nebodys up for a cruise. havent hit the black spur yet but would absolutely love to sometime soon. specially after all that ive read here about it.

  2. Howdy neighbour, welcome to netrider. :) By the way I like your sig. :LOL:
  3. hey
    check out the link to the site too
    it is the funniest comic strip series ive read till date hands down.

    reading them evryday becomes almost as addictive as riding.
  4. Hey csgup, welcome, enjoy the site and enjoy your ride.
  5. welcome matey and sweet bike :)
  6. ahhh the adventures of rayne... how much did the skydiving instructor look like hulk hogan... dont worry i have about five strips i read evey morning without fail...

    oh welcome to the forums...
  7. Welcome indeed. There's bound to be folks who'd LOVE to teach you the finer points of dodging gravel on the Spur :LOL:
  8. Hey,

    Just checked out that comic strip and its archives, my goodness its some funny stuff...

    You may like this one too: http://www.ctrlaltdel-online.com
    Although its pretty geeky..
  9. Welcome csgup1 :grin:
  10. Damn you ward!... i was gonna do that ;) :p :LOL:
  11. Quick and the dead booga... :LOL:
  12. no no no booga is just toooo slow
    hey he still rides a 250 on no rectrictions
    what do u expect
    and as pete said
    Howdy neighbour, welcome to netrider
    welcome to the mad house
  13. Welcome, hope you enjoy the domestics amongst the others
  14. Howdy dude, welcome to Netrider.

    Just a note on your sig, i like the one:

    "If god was a woman, there would be no wars, countries would just biatch about each other..."
  15. "If god was a woman, there would be no wars, countries would just biatch about each other..."

    gotta love that one

    thanks for the welcome guys.
    looking foward to the stay here
  16. welcome to the boards... am sure to see at a future event

    cheers stewy
  17. Welcome to the forums. See you on the road.....

    You should go on the Pink ribbon run on Sunday which finishes at the base of the Black Spur. :grin:
  18. Welcome Gup
    Think I'll just go and biatch about you guys now... ;)