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Discussion in 'Scooters' started by ksystemz, Mar 12, 2006.

  1. Joined the fellow rank of a scooter rider!

    Got a tbg 101r scooter 150cc !
    New also!

    is there any scooter forums or were people go for rides and such??

  2. Matti you're in the scooter forum right now! You're also more than welcome to join us for food and fun at the Homebush Bay Brewery on some Tuesday nights. Check out any post from Dante for details, or the events forum.
  3. Congrats.

    Here? Pretty sure scooter riders are welcome at any of the rides as long as they fit the skill level requirement.
  4. Well im sure ill come to the food and fun on a tues night!
    meet people and yer!
  5. Matti, is this just temporary while you're trying to get your license? Or have you settled on a scooter for a while.....?

  6. This is for 1 yr , trade bike in for a good faster bike.
  7. Did you manage to get your motorbike licence Matti?
    After the hard time you received at your first attempt at the learners course. did you get it there or another school?
  8. Noy yet , rang up hart yesterday to book. anzwering machine so i told them to ring me back , hopefully ill get into 1 quick. and i hope these guys are decent also.
  9. Good luck with it. After the first disaster, I am sure you will be pleasantly surprised with Hart. :)
  10. Going on a scooter i think. mum pressured me into getting it. :( 20 and she did it... its brand new , just came out , and good scooter. got from bikbiz and new place there also. got some good discounts. and got a helmet for the missus and one i liked for myself. , they didnt have any bike's for me there :( Get it delivered tommorrow , so come home from work early if im allowed to have a scoot around my units. ill take pics tommorrow also.
  11. Hello :) Congrats :)
  12. Good to hear you are on the road after your bad experience on the Ls course.
  13. great to see you didn't give up Matti!

    Winners never quit and quitters never win
  14. There is a skill level requirement?
    I thought it was just that all crashes had to pass a degree of dificulty.
  15. Got it today , seems good , had to rev it up so it stay on without me using the trotle