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Hey !

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by ksystemz, Mar 1, 2006.

  1. Im new here just saying hi and been looking through the forum , on people getting the L's , i going on sat-sun at blacktown for mine , i have studyied for the exam , and applied for a 6k personal loan..

    Just some tips and how hard/easy is this L's course , never riden a bike before , only on arcade games . Need this for work also as i have to ride a postie bike around...

    tips would be great , all i know is to keep my head up! dont have anyone with a bike to come around and give me a few pointers before this sat so it kinda sux

    also if i get this loan as i have been approved when i was at the bank , i have 6k to spend on a bike gear rego and insurance , been looking at some bikes, and kinda after more of a sportsbike look, i like the hyosung look and bike but how much are they, there site does not tell much , and if anyone is looking to selling there bike on here ill be happy to talk with them

    thanks heaps!!
  2. and btw im matti
  3. welcome mate,

    as for your learner, it is pretty basic.... just listen to the instructors and you should be fine
  4. Welcome to the forums dude.

    You're in NSW?? Cool, there's a few of us Sydneysiders on the forums, so when you get you licence and bike be sure to let us know so you can come for a ride.
  5. Yer glad to get a few good pointers off you guys
  6. What some good bike out there..
    i want...
    Something with some noise
    Power , i dont mind cause i want to be safe but goes well
    More Sports bike

    and equipment too

    For L's course , not to sure what boots i have to wear
    im wearing tighter jeans , work jacket , and shoes i have steel cap like formal shoes but i would liek to wear my converse chucks , they have some ankle support
  7. Welcome Matti

    You will do well this weekend. Just stay positive and confident, look to where you want the bike to go and the rest will follow through. :grin:
  8. Hey that's my name! :evil:

    Tips on L's: take it easy, have a good breakfast, early night, drink lots of water and DON'T STRESS!!

    I got my L's first time with no riding experience at all except for a Moped in Bermuda now that's a good story :shock: cyclone came through the island

    Listen to the instructor they are bikers as well, it is not that hard to pass just listen.
  9. you have my name too , hehe
    Thanks heaps and how much was your bike?
  10. Hey dude,

    Yeah You don't need to really know anything previous to your L's. 2 of the 5 on my course had never ridden a bike before and they were fine. In regards to your budget don't think you have to spend all of that 6K.

    I'd budget around 3-3.5K for the bike, 1K for gear (draggins/leather pants ~$200-$250, Textile/Leather Jacket $200-300, Helmet ~$250-350, Boots ~$150-200 and Gloves ~$60). The upper end of that totals around $1100-1200 but if you haggle you can usually and quite easily negotiate ~10-15% off if you buy all the kit together. That was about my range and i got 10%, so it only came in at about $1000.

    The left over can then be left for rego and insurance. I'd get comp if your over 25 but if your not you'll prolly find it to expensive and have to settle with 3rd party.

    In regards to bikes i'd be looking at the ZZR-250, GPX250 or Across if you want the full fairing sports look. The other 250's in the category will prolly be outta your price range. All 3 are good bike and have their own and different pro's/cons. If you do a search on netrider you'll find plenty of reviews on them. The hyosung is still fairly new and therefore will probably be outta your price range also.

    Here is a link to a pic of my bike. It's a ZZR-250 and i have found it to be fantastic so far. Good looks, big feel, good power (it'll beat a VZ V6 to 125km/h) and they are bullet proof engines with regular oil changes.

  11. aah but were you christianed Matti like me??

    Bike with gear cost $8,000 all up.

    Hyosung GT250 incl on roads
    Alpinestars Stunt Jacket
    Alpinestars GP3 boots
    Alpinestars SP2 gloves
    AGV helmet

    Bike alone you can get for about $6,200 on road

    You need to budget about $1,000 to $1,500 for gear, DON'T scrimp on this as you will have it a long time and you only have one body, unless you have a spare clone somewhere??

    Oh by the way welcome
  12. yer i was born which this weird name ha

    i got a budget of 6k i could have got more but i really didnt know how much to get , but its my first bike anyhows..

    REally want to pass this course , alot easyier for work!!
  13. How did you pick up your gear so cheap?? The Stunt jacket alone retails for around ~$800 and the best i've seen it is about ~$500-600 on sale. Those boots and gloves are expensive aswell.
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  15. [/quote]How did you pick up your gear so cheap?? The Stunt jacket alone retails for around ~$800 and the best i've seen it is about ~$500-600 on sale. Those boots and gloves are expensive aswell.[/quote]

    Looked at what was on special at the time and bought the whole lot from one shop, Peter Stevens. Run out specials are great!!!! :cool:

    Bike $6,200 normally $6500
    Jacket $650 normally $900
    Boots $300 normally $400
    Gloves $100 normally $140
    Jeans $200 normally $200
    Helmet $550 normally $700

    So saved $840 by shopping smartly. Being dragged around the shops by my wife has payed off at last :grin:
  16. howdy and welcome to netrider forums
  17. If you buy from a dealer ,you should get a few things thrown in on the deal like 20% off all gear ,when buy a bike a gear on the same day.
    Most shops will say they will give you 10% off gear when buying a bike.
    But if your just there to buy all your gear and NO bike they will give you 10% off anyway.

    ASK for 20% or more .

    I picked out $1200 worth of gear head to toe, and it ended up only costing me $750 with "new bike".
    Also had tank protecter, ventura rack and bag ,and bike droped off to my house ,throw in for free on the deal.
    You don't ask you don't get.

    See you at coffee night 7pm 7th march homebush bay brewery ,you can get a train to the door if you don't have a car ,and you can look at some Leaner bike and you can sit on them see if you like anyone of the bikes we got and have a chat.
  18. ksystemz,
    I've just been thru what you are going thru. Had never ridden a bike before and was bitten by the bug. Budgetting is always a problem. I'd budgeted around $5k for my start but blew that right out of the water when it came time to get the bike. I ended up spending just over $6k for the bike alone. Throuw into the mix the cost of gear, transfers, rego, learning, etc, etc and I had to do some fast talking to the purchasing department (the missus) to get the extra monies approved. My reasoning was that I was purchasing a LAMS approved 650 instead of a 250, which is more expensive but will last me a lot longer before I have to (or want to) upgrade. So while I spent more initially, it should work out for the better in the long run.

    As for the course etc, don't fret. While I was nervous on the first day, I just relaxed and enjoyed it on the second day. Afterwards, I couldn't wait to get my bike, but that was the beggining of a whole new lot of nerves.

    I've had my bike for just over 1 week now, and I ride around the neighbourhood practicing. My confidence is going up each time I ride and I am enjoying it more and more. I dare say, I will be confident enough to ride from Toongabbie to Homebush come Tuesday to meet and thank all those on these forums who have helped me take my first few steps.....Hope to see you there too....

    Cheers All....
  19. Hopefully ill see you guys there , going to go looking for bikes on sunday after the course and exam hopefully get the money some time this week also