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Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by Lurch, Jul 1, 2005.

  1. Lurch here.
    Found out about you guys from Warden over at OCAU.MC. Figured id sign up.
    Current (and recently new) ride is a 1990 Honda NTV650 "Revere", and i am SO totally happy with it. Realy didnt think i'd like a 'naked' bike, but this thing is awesome. Man has it got some legs.
    My previos ride was a rather beat-up 1987 GPX250. Which died earlier this week. So wasting no time, i found the Revere in the local paper and went and picked her up :) Although i realise most of you guys will say "Pffft - Revere, that aint fast!" Compared to the GPX, it EATS it!
    Only been on the road for a couple of months so far, even tho i am 27 (so it seems you can teach on old dog new tricks!) I'd have to be one of THE most cautious riders i know, but i make a big point of only riding to my ability, and only pushing myself when and only when i feel comfortable doing it.
    Without even trying, the Revere decided to put up its front legs today, man did i shit myself! But i guess the first time is always scarey *wink, wink, nudge, nudge*

    Anyways, less of me yabbering, im sure ill get to know u all.
  2. Don't worry about what anyone else thinks of your bike, mate. If you like it and it does the job for you, that's all that matters
    Welcome to the madhouse.
  3. Welcome Lurch-o-RAMA

    ................only pushing myself when and only when i feel comfortable doing it. ...............

    and most of all, have fun

    Melbourne ???
  4. Nowra, NSW South Coast
  5. Hey Lurch, I'm in Wollongong. Stay in touch about a regular coffee nite we have in sydney with the sydney netrider guys and gals.
  6. ooops ... sorry 'bout that
    it doesn't show your location if you don't log in.....silly me
  7. Aight, cool. Actually riding up to wollongong in the morning with my Housemate, to go Jacket shopping for him. Got an absolute bargin on a RJays at Jetsport a couple of months ago, so...
  8. gudday lurch, welcome aboard and hope you have fun. :)
  9. Hello and welcome aboard :D

    Stay safe

    Lisa :D
  10. I'm going to "shudder" agree with RC here :LOL: .

    Welcome Lurch_o_RAMA :D
  11. Jetsports are good guys. Wish I could meet you and say Hi, but we'll be heading south to meet the gang at Merimbula. Ride safe.
  12. G'day Lurch - welcome! :)
  13. welcome :D

    please don't discuss how you will be voting for nominations with any of the other housemates :p
  14. from one newbie 2 another. welcome :wink:
  15. Are jetsports the guys at fairymeadow across from Frasers motorcycles?? If so has anyone put the hard word on them about becoming a netrider affiliated business, thus allowing us south coastians to reap the benefits of a discount?
  16. G'day Lurch-o-RAMA!!!

    Welcome matey, enjoy the forums, the people, the bike, and everything.

    That's like the "Deauville" tourer isn't it? seems like a good step up from a 250 to me.

  17. G'day lurchorama!
  18. Gday and welcome to the site

    Cheers 8)
  19. I think the revere is like a beefed up Spada...with a single sided swingarm :wink:

    Welcomes lurch!!
  20. Yeah thats the one. the "Deauville" is essentially a Revere with fairings and built on Panniers.

    Good idea about Jetsport BTW. Funnily enough i was in there yesterday. I also ducked into Frasiers who is the local Duke dealer and i was looking (read: drooling) at the Monsters. Its kinda funny. I was comparing my bike, and, well, mine is a V-Twin (like alot of Dukes) has a single shaft-drive swing arm (like alot of Dukes). Now i wonder where Honda got the idea for this bike from?? Hmmm? hehe..