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Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Dionysus, Nov 12, 2013.

  1. Hey Guys

    Just signing up after using the site to help in purchasing my first bike & gear after getting my learners a couple weeks ago.

    30yo from Sydney and only ever been on a bicycle and now own a black 2007 VTR250. Looking forward to getting on the road more and fitting a slip on to hear the v-twin goodness.

    So far I've got a helmet, jacket and gloves and will probably add some boots to that list.

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  2. Don't "probably". Get them. Your feet and lower legs take a lot of hits, not just in a fall but from road debris, stones kicked up by other traffic and the foot pegs themselves. Also you will be needing predictable grip when you put your foot down at a stop on uneven and potentially oily road surfaces. If you take up dirt riding boots become even more important and dirt boots are specially designed for the more severe duty, but are quite over the top and impractical for road riding.

    Also, welcome ;)
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  3. HI!

    welcome to netrider. great choice on the first bike BTW. definately get some boots... ankles are a pretty common injury... probably cause the bike often squishes them even if you're not going fast.

    aside from that, get down to the learner practice at olympic park.

    and are you hot?
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  4. Ok, so I'm getting boots!

    trd2000: Just out of curiosity do you know which direction the fuel switch needs to point for Tank > Off > Reserve...?
    When confident enough to ride to Olympic Park I'll head down for sure.

    Smoking hot
  5. Welcome.

    I like the name, I'd definitely drink to that.

  6. Turning the tap to "Off" will stop fuel flow. "Reserve" will let you get to the bottom litre or two of fuel that you should be using to get straight to the nearest service station.
  7. ummmm i'd have to check. i've never turned it to be honest.....my other bikes dont have a reserve so id never looked at the one on the vtr....
  8. Welcome to Netrider. I'll add my vote to your getting down to Homebush ASAP!
  9. Dark: Thanks, I know what each does was just not sure at which position each option is.

    It's ok, will find a manual online and look for it.
  10. Hello and welcome.
    Fuel tap:
    Normal position is On, use this when riding
    If starts to splutter and run out of fuel, turn it to Reserve and use the remaining couple of litres to get to the closest servo and fill up.
    When you park the bike, turn it to Off to prevent fuel leaking into the carbs and engine.
    (If the vacuum operated automatic on/off function is working and the needle and seat assemblies in the carbs are working, you could get away with not turning it off, but you might as well learn to do it properly and turn it off when parked.)
  11. Some bikes don't even have a fuel tap and others might only have "on" and "reserve" options. Everything is noted in the owner's manual.
  12. Welcome to NetRider! We are a helpful bunch of riders here.

    I may see you in Homebush for the Learners Sessions.
  13. Thanks all..
  14. Got some draggins and gaerne boots the other day and went for a ride around some quite streets with mates to get a feel for everything..

    Loving the Dririder jacket and Shark Speed R helmet.
  15. Hi and welcome!

    The fuel tap should have a little tiny arrow on it - when it is in the horizontal position the fuel is off. When the arrow is pointing down vertically, it is drawing from the reserve. When the arrow is pointing up vertically, it is drawing from the main tank.

    Edit: the "tag" or the main body of the tap usually has the arrow pointing towards the centre of the tap, so when the "tag" is in the lowest position fuel is drawn from the main tank.