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Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Waywood, Jun 7, 2011.

  1. Yeah. Been lurking occasionally, but I thought I may as well start posting if I want to get the ball rolling.

    Just recently got my bike licence, and I'm looking to start riding soon- as soon as this mixed-employment crap I've got gets stable so I can get a bike...- and I dunno, hopping on a bike was just exhilarating for me and I'd love to learn more. Not really sure how you go about developing an interest like this though, tips?

  2. Figure out which type of bike you want - I suggest a road trail, they're built like the proverbial brick shit house, cheap to run, cheap to crash and you can have fun off road. You will also beat the big sports bikes in the twisties when your skills develop. Oh and with proper exhaust set up they sound awesome, second to v-twins. Look at various bikes of various categories and decide which category you like the look of best. Don't worry too much about ergonomics, each bike can be set up to suit the rider, but I'd advise against a leaned-over-tank riding position, identifiable by riders foot pegs set towards the back of the bike and the handle bar reach being far away from the seat.

    Buy gear to match the type of bike you want - enduro style gear, especially helmet, for the road trail, brando-style leathers for the cruiser, leather racing suits for the sports bike. Buy something warm to wear under and something water proof to wear over the gear for shit weather like this.

    Figure out which bike of the type you want - go to dealers/mates/friendly private sellers and sit on as many bikes as you can, see if you can test ride.
    Refer to the LAMS list in your state to make sure what bikes you are legally allowed to ride.

    Once you've figured out which type of bike you want (say the road trail) and which model you want (say the XR600R), take the necessary steps to get it on the road.

  3. Ahaha, thanks man!
    Yeah I've been looking at just Kawa Ninjas (Somehow I expect to get bombarded with critique now..) just because I love the look! >_>
    I noticed though that some of the 250R's aren't as sporty and more relaxed in terms of positioning?
  4. You'd be correct but there are larger capacity bikes that are more relaxed in terms of positioning. Also I think you can mod just about any bike to change the seating positioning.

    Have a look at some road trails dude, trust me. Or some naked single cylinder commuters, eg the CB250. Well that's a twin... but you get the idea of what I'm talking about.
  5. Welcome to NR waywod.

    Dude -try them all and get the one that works for you.

    Kernel rides (before crash) a road trail so he leans that way....don't be deceived,.....we don't all lean to the dark side....

    Again - find the one that's does it's for you. It's not about resign others, it's all about the ride....and only 1person can ride the ride....you!

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  6. I'm gonna flame you for the Ninja just because I don't want to disappoint you and also because they are way too common.

    So yeah...you jerk?

    Also Welcome :)
  7. check out the suzuki gs500f, suzuki gs500, and the kawasaki er-5.

    welcome :)
  8. Welcome to riding and to NR.

    I personally have always liked the laid back style of the cruisers so I bought a Yamaha V-Star 650 Custom recently (a LAMS bike). Did like the Honda CBR400 (Did LAMS on it) and was thinking of Honda VTR400 as well but decided to get the maximum power I could get. :) Am glad I did!
  9. those ninja 250s are light, look good and seem to be easy to do the most test on... Nothing wrong with them at all. But as others have said, go around and sit on different ones and get what feels good for you.

    And welcome :D
  10. Hello Waywood - nice to have you along.

    I don't know what you should be riding, but the more you try, of different types and sizes, the better you'll be placed to make an informed decision.

    That's right, my advice is get your leg over as much as you can. :angel:
  11. sounds like you want a ninja 650rl, awesome bike, i have one, too much fun
  12. Seconded.
  13. Hey another guy from up my way. Welcome.
    buy something secondhand especially if you're not sure which way to go.

    since you are near one of the great roads you will probably enjoy a naked or sports more than a cruiser.