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Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by uforixx, Jan 26, 2011.

  1. G'day!

    Mike here from Sydney.

    Just picked up my CBR250RR a few weeks ago.

    Clocked 1500 kms so far and loving every metre of it.

    I do a bit of DJ'ing, hence the name uforixx, also a bit of skydiving every now and then.

    Put the wrong fuel in my bike a few days ago and it's really lagging below about 8000 revs, so tonights plan is to pull it apart, clean the carbies and replace the spark plugs.

    Next weeks plan is to take it to the bike shop so they can fix everything I've done wrong.

    Would like to head out to the learners sessions soon but the work schedule isn't being to cooperative.

    Hope to meet some of you soon and safe riding to everyone!


  2. Hello DJ Nick and welcome on board. If you're in to techno/dance and have mixes you can send them to me :)
  3. Welcome; glad you could drop in :)
  4. Hi and welcome!

    I have to ask - wrong fuel? What did you do, put diesel in it? : )
  5. Haha not quite that idiotic.

    E10, which apparantly disagrees with with the 1991 MC22 CBR engine.

    Spark plugs are not the easiest of things to remove, any tips on actually pulling them out?
  6. G'day uforixx,
    It appears you took a 'plunge' with the fuel, but onwards and upwards (or is that 'downwards' ? ;) ) from hereon mate.
    Your bike will be sorted soon and you'll be cruising again in no time.
    Welcome to Netrider bud.
  7. E10 doesn't agree with anything that has carbs, and has no valid reason for existence (other than the "donations" provided to the major political parties by the people who make ethanol).
    Plugs are usually easer to get at if you remove the fuel tank, which usually requires nothing more than undoing a couple of bolts and disconneting the hose(s) running from the fuel tap. Service manuals for the CBR should be easy enough to find on the 'net.

    Welcome to NR, though must say you're tempting fate posting a picture that's just begging for some photoshopping... :LOL:
  8. G'day mate


    Fun Ha!
  9. Oh welcome awesome skydiver!! I've skydived two times now, and really want to do it 2 times every week for the next 10 years!!!! But unfortunately am not a millionaire :(

    Welcome to the world of riding, and to the land that is known as "netrider" - see you round!

  10. Mine doesnt mind a bit of E10 now and then, just fill it with better fuel next time around.

    to the OP cant you just drain the fuel and refill with a 98 or something instead of pulling everything apart?
  11. Base jumping is cheaper.

    As long as you don't get cuaght.

    Or die.

    Welcome uforixx. I've quoted lowercase because you have no capitals in your name.

    Also, I notice you're wearing an open-face helmet. That seems ever so dangerous.
  12. Welcome, you'll be well advised not to consider anything dangerous on the bike until you've been riding for a couple of decades :p
  13. Welcome! Don't forget to put your state in your profile so we know which learner sessions you'll be attending.
    Good luck cleaning your girl.
  14. Thanks for the hospitality guys and gals!

    Problem solved.

    Suspicians were correct that it was one of the spark plugs. Noticed one pipe from the cylinders was cold, while the others were hot. Replaced that spark plug and now seems to be running better than before! That mysterious rattle around 9,000 revs is now gone and the acceleration feels alot more powerful than ever before.

    Now if I only I didnt mix the fairing bolts up....
  15. Sounds like a good result. Always more enjoyable to ride without something annoying you, eg small mechanical problem.
  16. =D> yay! ](*,)
  17. LOL-age...

    If I recall rightly, the CBR250RRRR uses trick plugs that are pricey because of the high tune and stratospheric revs the things do. So a good set of the proper ones is probably fairly important.
  18. Welcome and have fun

  19. If it's using pricey plugs that will simply be due to it being a Honda.

    Other P-4 250s rev just as high, and yet get by just fine on $5 copper electrode plugs.
  20. Probably.