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Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by pieces, Dec 19, 2010.

  1. new member...

    looking at getting a bike pretty soon, got my L's and gear, ready for fun to start
  2. hey

    old member... saying hi
  3. Hi pieces & welcome to Netrider.
    Good luck with the bike hunt (y)
  4. welcome in bud
  5. Yeah, welcome in pieces. Its a whole new world you're getting into.
  6. What sort of bike are you looking for? Not another bloody GS500? (/jk)

    Welcome to the forummm
  7. You mean you haven't started to have fun just with your gear and an L-plate?
    You need to get more creative.

  8. oh, I wear it around at home and do ninja kicks in the mirror for sure.

    haven't figured out how to sleep in my helmet (AGV K3) without worrying about my pillow scratching it somehow.... maybe put the storage bag on over it, nice and dark then :p

    L plates also make awesome ninja stars
  9. Thanks for the welcomes everyone!

    Looking for a cheap naked bike cause I am poor.

    would love a cb400 though, the tri-colour ones look awesome.

    looked at a Kawa Zephyr ZR550 the other day, but people on here suggested it may be a dud, and highly priced

    other than that maybe motard up a second hand dirt bike?
    can anyone suggest a model suitable for this?
    would prefer to get one already done so I can just ride straight away.
    I've seen the suzuki drz400, but none under $4K, which is about the limit of my budget...
  10. Big difference between a motard and a CB400. Sounds like you might be better off with either one of the myriad of naked 250s (Hornet, Bandit, Balius, Zeal, Spada, etc.), or picking up a cheap faired bike that's been dropped and ditching the bodywork. Either way you should be able to easily find something decent for $4k.
  11. Welcome Pieces. Good place to scope out possibilities on here.