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Hey you EFFNIK - Eurovision starts tonight

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Takamii, May 25, 2012.

  1. Be a real EFFNIK - watch Eurovision or turn in your European union id card

  2. I don't have one!

    I want to go to a Eurovision party dressed as a Buronovska Babushka.
  3. ??? Not sure who that is, but have a feeling it's Verka's mother/grandmother.
  4. Meet the Buranovskiye Babushki

  5. oh those crazy Russians
  6. Montenegro were fucken shockin
  7. Yeah they sucked
  8. I have been so scarred by the experience that I have changed channels!
  9. Jaysus! What's the Albanian chick got on her head?
  10. Someone shoot that Albanian Gypsy Chick and put her out of my misery
  11. Want to wind up Angela Merkel

    Vote for Greece in Eurovision

    if they win they will throw a week long party

    and Germany will have to pay for it
  12. Birds nest - they dont shower often in Albania

    They haven't discovered water yet
  13. Call me harsh, but I have just found the SBS website and given Romania the "thumbs down".
  14. Greece and Romania = hotties
  15. oh yeah that Greek chic was a bit of okay
  16. My ears hurt!
  17. my eyes are still bleeding after the Albanian
  18. That happened to me after the Montenegran.
  19. Orright, Israel is officially hideous.
  20. Memo to San Marino chick: your hips are too big for skin tight leather.