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Hey y'all

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Debsta, Dec 29, 2006.

  1. Hey All,

    Just joined and have been checking out this site. Pretty good stuff going on.

    Im still a virgin to this rider world. Have been riding for 3 months on my Ls and will be going for my Ps soon. I have a CBR250RR :grin:
  2. You got alot of reading to do Deb! :grin:

    Welcome. :wink:
  3. Welcome Debsta, this place is just sooo much fun! :grin:
  4. Welcome Debsta

    Fun, hell this place can be down right out dangerous :LOL:
  5. Fun AND Dangerous???...

    Sounds like its right up my alley. :LOL:
  6. Welcome to the world' best motorcycle forum, Debsta. Check out the NSW Events section for rides and other assorted hilarities.....
  7. Why hello and let me be the first to offer to pop you. hehehe :LOL:
  8. howzit Debsta
    another cbr250 out here in the suburbs! i'll keep an eye out for you
  9. Welcome to the forums.. Have fun. :grin:
  10. Yes welcome from one newbie to another.
  11. Welcome - I too gots my L's for 3 months now... stressin' about my P's... so hard!!!
  12. welcome - i've been riding for almost 8 weeks now - u'll love it :grin: